Collection or Obsession: Anna and the French Kiss



I don’t know if you guys know this, but I love Anna and the French Kiss. I know right? SHOCKING. I like never talk about that book and I like hardly read it…oh wait, never mind. You would have to never have read my blog, spoken to me, read my tweets or looked at my Goodreads to know that I love that book. I say it all the time that it is just a book that makes me feel good. It makes me happy and it makes me feel like I have just been given a huge hug.

Somewhere along the line my love of this book has grown into a collection of epic proportions. It started innocently enough when I just wanted to get all the ARCs, matching paper back and matching hardcovers. When word got out about that then I started getting gifted foreign editions. When word got out about that Stephanie Perkins made the happiest Anna fan there is and started to send me foreign editions THAT ARE SIGNED! I mean what is this life??

Yesterday I was looking at my updated collection:

collection2.0Thanks Stephanie for the newest addition!

I realized that I am missing some books to really make this collection a thing of beauty. I still need a few to fill some holes and there are some foreign editions that I am dying to get my hands on. So I made a list. What is that list you say? Well I’m happy you asked:

First and formost I need the UK Lola and the Boy Next Door. Do I collect Lola and Isla? Not really. But I have the UK of the other two so I need Lola to fill that gap. Also I need a new hardcover of the US Anna. I lent it to someone and it was never returned so I need to replace that.

Okay, on to what you really want to see, the foreign edition:


1st Cover, German Edition (I have the 2nd cover but I LOVE the first so much!)


2nd Cover, Italian Edition (I have the 1st (thanks Steph!) but I really want this one too.)


Turkish Edition


Vietnamese Edition (would you look at that cover??)


Indonesia Edition: This one is my unicorn. I have wanted this one for over a year and it just hasn’t happened.

Will I ever find these? I don’t know. But I do know that I need them.

So I ask you, collection or obsession?

*all foreign edition covers were located on Stephanie Perkins’ blog and not not belong to me.




Champagne Wishes and Crafty Dreams 8 – Card Making (4) & Other Projects


It’s been about a month since my last crafty post so I thought I would check in and show you what I have been working on. It has not been all cards for me lately. I have gotten a new toy that help me make candy boxes and I have gotten into making postcards as well. Actually making post cards is now one of my favorite things to do.  Anyway, here are some of the things that have gone out and been received


Ginger is a HUGE pineapple lover so I went a little over board with her pineapple love and made her whole birthday gift a theme. I hand cut the pineapple on the card out of a journaling card I had. It gave the front just the pop I was looking for. And the pineapple paperclip on the envelope? Removable.


Probably one of my most favorite cards I have made. I was walking down my street on my way home and got this idea for Morgan‘s card. It turned out EXACTLY how I wanted it to. I almost feel like I want to make a bunch of different ones and have a boxed set of them. Hmm…


Danielle just got this one yesterday so I’m happy to finally share it. I got the idea on Pinterest to make books on the cover. With the help of her Goodreads I added the titles of some of her favorites. My favorite part? The “Special Birthday Wishes” stamp. I raised it with foam dots and I love it.



As I said above, Ginger loves pineapples so when I was looking for something to put her pineapple earrings in, I decided to make this “candy box” and embellish it with a pineapple and a tag. I love this little thing. The tool is really awesome to make them.


I had signed up for a postcard swap with Uppercase. Instead of buying a postcard I decided to make my own and make it very book nerdy. This is the beginning of my postcard making obsession.


When I showed off my swap postcard Daphne mentioned how she would die if she got something like that. Well I offered to make her her own postcard and the above was born.


And finally I had to send a thank you postcard to the person that sent me a postcard in the swap. I came up with this creation and sent it off. I loved the mix of colors on this one.

So there you have it, what I have been up to craft wise. I have some new things I have done that I am sending off as a thank you to someone, some pocket letter swaps I signed up for, and of course new cards, that will make their way into next month’s post.

What did you think about these creations?

*If you need a card or a postcard for something, contact me and we can talk.





The ABCs with Me (Version 2.0)


Welcome to The ABCs where you can see what accessory, book and clothing item others are lusting after! If you would like more information or would like to sign-up you can click HERE. I’ve also created a place for authors to sign-up and do the ABCs for one of their main characters. Check that out HERE.

Since I have a birthday coming up I decided to do today’s ABCs and show you 3 things on my wishlist. Basically these are three things I will basically buy myself at some point, I think, I hope, but I really want them.

Without further ado, my  ABCs.



Accessories: Lilly Pulitzer Travel Umbrella
I have had my eye on this for a while. I have a thing where I will only buy and umbrella if it has an open and close button and this fits the list. I hate the idea of spending $34 on it, but I have spent $25 before on one so what’s a little extra money, right, right? (That’s what I tell myself anyway.)

Books: Custom Blog Design by Stay Bookish
If you saw my post last Friday you know that I feel my blog design is stagnant. There is nothing special about it anymore and I need a change. After talking with a bunch of people I think sometime in the future I will be hiring Hazel to create a design that is me. Currently I’m working on a Pinterest board with inspiration, but I think I at least have a color scheme I like…maybe.

Clothes: Lilly Pulitzer Linden A-Line Dress
I have been stalking this dress forever. It keeps going in and out in my size but I am obsessed. The next time it pops up in a small I may just have to bit the bullet and buy it. I love everything about it.


Thanks for checking out my ABCs!

If you would like to play like I did, sign-ups are open HERE.


Top Ten Tuesday – Books Set Outside the US


This post was harder than it sounds. I mean sure there aren’t a lot of contemps that I’ve read that take place outside the US. That was probably one. Problem 2 was that most that do are either Australia or England so that made it harder. In the end I decided on 6 books I really loved/liked and 4 books that were good enough.


Anna and the French Kissf1

Just One Dayf2

Just One Yearf3

Jellicoe Roadf4

Meant to Bef5

The Distance from A to Z  f7

The Book Thieff8

Wish You Were Italianf9

Dangerous Girlsf10

The International Kissing Club

What are your favorite books that take place outside the US?

*Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
**Banner pictures were purchased from AC Digitals and belong to them (Maggie Holmes Bloom #1, Maggie Holmes Bloom #2, Maggie Holmes Bloom #3, Maggie Holmes Bloom #4)



Blog Woes – Style Rut


Style rut. It’s a thing. A real thing. You look at your closet and you see the same stuff you wear all the time. You see the same colors and patterns and think…I have nothing to wear. You look at your shoes and you think they are all boring. Well that’s currently where I am at. Not with my closet (I did just buy bright yellow ballet flats) but with my blog. My blog is in the style rut.

I love my blog. It is my maybe. It is where I put my time in when I’m not hanging with friends, reading or working (okay, or crafting), but right now I look at her and I see boring.


I have had the same blog layout for a year and a half and it just doesn’t seem to fit me anymore. It’s pretty clean and simple (which I LOVE), but it has no pizazz. It just doesn’t seem to be me anymore and I don’t know what to do about that. I don’t know how to change it and make it seem more exciting. I don’t know where to go to get a custom made design that isn’t going to cost me a ton of money that I don’t have. I have spent days looking at the free options on WordPress Themes and


There is nothing exciting. There is nothing that jumps out at me and says this is the one, this is worth the work I have to put in to make it my layout.

I am in a blog style rut and I just don’t know what to do about it.


Have you ever felt this way? Have any tips, suggestion, ideas?