Michael Kors Hamilton Bag Shopping Experience

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Well if you have been paying the least bit of attention to me or my blog then you know I bought the Michael Kors Hamilton bag and am in love. We are generally exclusive these days and I couldn’t be happier. But what made this expensive purchase(this is the most expensive bag I own until I can afford the $2000.00 Prada Saffiano Lux Double-Zip Tote I want) all the more worth it was the service I got at the Michael Kors store.

hamilton4I knew as soon as I walked into the store what I wanted. I had seen the bag not only online (I do my research before making a big purchase) but also in person and spoke to someone that actually had the bag. I knew I wanted the Hamilton with the Rose Gold hardware but I also knew that would be harder to get since it seemed to be sold out online and at other MK carries. I was ready to settle for the Gold hardware and was okay with that, it’s just as nice. But as my mom taught me, it never hurts to ask. So as soon as I entered the Copley Mall location I said I was interested in the Hamilton. The super friendly sales associate explained that they had a variety of styles and colors and asked if I knew what I wanted. I asked about the Rose Gold which was met with hamilton3an immediate no, we are all sold out unfortunately. I was about to say that I would look at the gold when another sale associate jumped in saying she knew where she could find me what I was looking for. She explained that she worked at another MK store normally and was just filling in and that her real location had the Rose Gold. After a quick phone call and an description of something called a “charge/send” was given to me, and order form was filled out, my debit card information was taken down as were the gift cards I had been saving. Slightly nervous about the whole thing since I was giving out gift card numbers and my debit card number without actually have the item in my hand I asked the sales associate, Lilian, when I could expect my bag. She gave me a card and wrote her name down with the number to the other store and assured me I would get the bag by Wednesday(it was Friday of the long holiday weekend at this point) by the latest. If I didn’t not receive my bag buy then to call her at the store because she was going to ship it herself. Taking this woman at her word I left very excited and a tad nervous.

hamilton2So after checking my bank account later on I saw that I was in fact charged what I should have been but I hadn’t received any shipping information.Ā  The worry once again set in but I tried not to panic. When it reached Tuesday night and I still had no contact from Michael Kors or Lilian I had decided I would call her Wednesday when the store opened. However at about 8:30 Tuesday night the door bell rang and it was Fed Ex(more like a ding dong ditch hamilton1scenario). To my surprise it was a package from Michael Kors. My bag had arrived! I was so excited to open it up I tried to rip right in, but it was packed so well I needed scissors. Once inside I found my bag filled with tissue paper, in a dust bag, and a hand written note from Lilian tell me to enjoy my bag and if I need anything to call. Now that my friend is how you do customer service. And I have never been in more love!


Basically this post is my long winded way of saying: SHOP MICHAEL KORS!

Have you ever had a great shopping experience?

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3 responses to “Michael Kors Hamilton Bag Shopping Experience

  1. I had no clue all that happened in getting your bag! I knew you had to order it, but didn’t know all the specifics. I love when a company or store associate goes out of their way like that to help you out. Just makes you more inclined to shop with them again in the future. And, BTW, the bag is fabulous, but you already know that! šŸ˜‰

  2. Melanie

    LOL! I asked for a Michael Kors bag for Christmas from the hubby! Too funny! Yes, I’m online, reading your book reviews and blog posts. It’s fabulous! (The blog, not the bag…well, the bag too, actually! šŸ˜‰ ))

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