19 Books I Love and Think You Should Read

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So I just finished a trilogy that kind of left me clamoring for an amazing book. The first two books of the series were excellent, with a few minor issues for me, but excellent nonetheless. And then the 3rd book just killed the love for me. Because of this I needed to ground myself. I need to look at things I love and how fun reading a series or a standalone or even a group of companion books can be. Below you will find books that I have read over the last 2-3 years that I just adore and can’t get out of my head to this day.

Book Love

1) Divergent by Veronica Roth: What can I say about this book and series other then read it if you haven’t and read it again if you have. I recently read it for a third time and it was just as amazing as it was the first. With all the movie info and casting happening make sure you get to this don’t miss series before March 2014. Final book is out in October and the trilogy box set is available for pre-order on Amazon.com

2) Graceling by Kristen Cashore: I challenged myself to read books outside my norms this year and Graceling was the first of the challenge after some pushing from a few bookish friends. It really was a fantastic book. I admit I didn’t like the second book as much, but the final in the trilogy made up for it. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again I found it better than The Hunger Games

3) Delirium by Lauren Oliver: If you know me you know my love of this book and I really don’t have to say more. The trilogy is complete as of February so you won’t have to wait to find out what happens for months/years like the rest of us did.

4) Bittersweet by Sarah Ockler: Although not my favorite Ockler book(see the option below to see my favorite) Sarah Ockler managed to make me do two things, fall in love with her characters per usual and crave freaking cupcakes for months! Word of advice, don’t read while hungry.

5) Two Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt: Everytime I think of this book I think of what an idiot Jordan is and I giggle. Because as stupid as he was Courtney was equally crazy. But somehow they worked and they made a story that was quirky and fun and loveable and started my love of all  things Lauren Barnholdt

6) Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins: Etienne. That’s all you need to know.

7) The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen: This was I think the second Dessen book I picked up and it completely sold me on her. The way The Truth About Forever is written made me feel like I was living the lives of these people or at least watching them through very very clear glass. And a cute boy to boot.

8) Saving June by Hannah Harrington: This was my first taste of Harrington and certainly not my last. She really has it down pat how to write and enthralling contemporary that is so very very real. Definitely a must read and then pick up her latest Speechless.

9) Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson: Have tissues handy. I cried like a baby for the last 40 or so pages and it was worth every tear shed.

10) The Selection by Kiera Cass: Addictive, addictive, addictive. I can’t get enough of the series and the wait for the last book will be killer since I was lucky enough to already read The Elite.

Not pictured(YA):


Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. It really broke my heart and put is back together. And it game me one of my favorite book quotes: ‘I’m fine. Thanks for not asking.’ That just spoke volumes to me.



Score_CVR.inddCatching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally: As I said on Instagram last week this is reason 5326 why I love Kenneally…she put a Nomar reference and Red Sox mention in this book. Not to mention Sam Henry is AWESOME!




Something Like Normal by Trish Doller: This was Doller’s debut novel and what a fantastic debut it was. It was smart and real and had a great relationship story in it. It shed light on vets getting acclimated back into the real world after being in combat. I loved this book so much I bought a copy even though I read an ARC.




What Happens Next by Colleen Clayton: Really powerful book about date rape and what happens after. Clayton really makes you feel for Sid and understand what is going on inside her head and how/if she is healing. And Cory Livingston is DEFINITELY something to write home about! Boy is SWOON-WORTHY!




Parallel by Lauren Miller: It isn’t out yet so this is slightly unfair of me to recommend and gush about, but I just have to because you all need to pre-order it now because it was fantastic. Miller wrote an awesome debut that reminded me of Sliding Doors but was also its own story. Comes out May 14th. Be on the look out for a giveaway though. 😉



Forbidden by Tabitha Suzma: I very very rarely recommend this book to anyone because the subject matter is taboo. The first time I read what the book was about I cringed and said no way. But then I heard rave reviews on it so I put my feeling aside and read it. And OH MY was it so well written and emotional. It isn’t for everyone, but if you can stomach the subject I would highly recommend it.



Adult Books:



A Bend in the Road by Nicholas Sparks: I know, I know, a Sparks book. But this isn’t any Sparks book. This is by far his BEST book! It is slightly different from all the other formulaic stories he usually writes and I think that is why I’m endeared to this one. If you haven’t read it I would so to do so.




Prince of Thieves by Chuck Hogan: Most of you know this as The Town but I read it as Prince of Thieves and it will stay that way to me. Honestly one of the best book to movie that I have ever read/seen. Ben Affleck, the director, hit on all the important parts of the book but changed enough to make it Hollywood. I would recommend giving the book a whirl.




Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane: And by far one of the worst book to movie I have read/seen. Although I will admit I liked it more than I should have for Leo alone, but that is for another day. Movie aside the book is AH-MAZING! Read it twice and was still surprised by it.



Honorable Mention:
Send Me a Sign by Tiffany Schmidt, A Beautiful Dark by Jocelyn Davies, My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

And that about sums it all up. I could have gone on and on but I had to stop somewhere. If you want more you can always email me, comment or check out my Goodreads account.

What are the books you love and would recommend?


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