Boston You’re My Home: Love That Dirty Water

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I’ve been thinking about whether I would write about the horrific incident that happened in Boston, on a gorgeous Monday afternoon, on one of the most festive days in my fair city. I wasn’t sure if my blog, a place of fun clothing and book reviews, was really the place to do it. But after some time and the out pouring of support from friends and people that barely know me I finally decided I should. Because the truth is we shouldn’t have to live like this. I shouldn’t have to call and text my mom 20 times to make sure she is okay because she works across the street and sometimes decides to go and watch the finish line of the marathon. I shouldn’t have to hear relief in my friend’s voices when they hear I’m okay because they didn’t know where I was in the city at that horrible moment when the bombs went off. I shouldn’t  have to see police officers and military personnel with assault rifles on every street corner. This is a sad sad world we live in when this becomes the norm and we become okay with this. When a bomb threat becomes routine and security checks become more sever is just not okay!

dirtywaterI was lucky. I wasn’t anywhere near the blasts and neither were my family or friends. I was in a different part of the city that was only about a mile, if that, away from this tragedy. I was by my happy place, Fenway Park. But some weren’t as lucky. Some were at their happy place, at the marathon on Boylston Street. They just wanted to show their support, have something to eat outside, grab a souvenir or a piece of candy. They wanted to celebrate and that was taken from them by a sick, cowardly, act of violence. And that is something I will never forget. Will we move on? Sure. We will prevail and come out on top. Because  as it has been said, we Bostonians are strong; we are hardcore; we are survivors. The marathon will go on, the fans will cheer, Sweet Caroline will once again be played at the 11am game on that day at Fenway Park. If there is one thing I know about my city it’s you can’t take us down. You can try, but you will fail.

Boston you are and always will be in my thoughts and prays because, ‘I love that dirty water… Oh, Boston you’re my home!’



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