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Hey ABCers, My new event report Angie is back. Give her a warm welcome and tell her what you think!

Andi was nice to ask me to comment on the annual Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 6, 2013. This years theme was “Punk: Chaos to Couture.”

I will rank dresses with two grades. The first will be my overall like or dislike and the second will be how it ranked representing the theme.

I will use the A to F scale we remember from high school.


A for amazing balls. I love the matching boots.  It looks like fire is running down her leg.
B for theme – the belt helps with the punk part



I had to do a double take I thought Madonna was Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction.
I give her a B- because I like the jacket
Theme A

Flower girl AKA Kim K. Do I really needs words……
But A for representing my grandmas couch

Ann Hathaway – First impression she looks like Cruella de Vil so I guess she gets a B- for theme
Overall the hair just takes away from the dress so I am going with an overall look of a C+


Miley Cyrus – I actually like her hair. It is fun and fits her age and personality. Perfect A- for the theme.
Over all a solid B.
I wanted to post a close up to show her hair and how well her make is done.


SJP – Stunning as usual. Classy for the dress and punk for the accessories.
A for both overall and theme.


Blake Lively – Love the dress so overall it’s an A but don’t see the theme unfortunately it breaks my heart but it’s a D


As much as some will hate it I love Nicole Richie’s look. It’s so different and only she can pull it off. The hair actually draws you into the dress. The beading is amazing. B for both theme and overall.


Jennifer Lopez – Not a huge fan of the dress and don’t really see a huge punk representation.
I give her a C for overall and D for theme.


Love this color on Kristen and the design is unique. I give her an A- for overall and B- for theme.


Jennifer looks pretty in this simple black dress so overall it’s a winner with an A but plain black simple doesn’t cut it for The Met so for theme D.


Kate Beckinsale has always been one of my favorites. I just wish this dress had been a different color.
Her hair hit a home run though. The ring and earrings pushed her from a B- to a A- in my book.


The fit on Brooklyn Decker gave her a solid A for both overall and theme. I would buy this dress just to put it on a mannequin in my room for decoration.


The last overall favorite is Carey Mulligan. I know it’s plain black but the added detail at the top makes it pop for me. Her hair is perfection too.  

Can Jessica Alba do any wrong in this dress? A+


Finally I asked Andi to give me anyone else she wanted me to comment on that I missed and she suggested Katie Holmes. I am so glad she did because I missed her picture. First off this black and white photo is just exquisite.

Okay on to my rating. Hair a solid A… love the height. I want the hairstylist name NOW.
Side boob – oh who cares. HELLO she is wearing a white dress with no bra. LOL
Well done Katie! Don’t see Punk so it breaks my heart to give you a F for theme but who cares. The black and white photo shows you are an A+ in my book.
What are your thoughts on the Met? Was the theme too literal or a bad idea? Who was your Best Dressed? Worst Dressed?

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