I Want All The Things…

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So I consider myself a person with pretty good will power. When I realized I was drinking too much soda I gave it up cold turkey and have been doing so for close to 10 years. When I see I’m buying things I don’t need, I can pull myself back. And when I see I’m shopping too much I can decide no to shop and stick to it. Very little can sway me when I set my mind to something. And that very little thing this week was 50% off at JCrew Factory Outlet. I’m sorry, but I’m a sucker for anything JCrew and then you add 50% off the whole store? Will power what?!

Okay, so that isn’t true. I did have some will power(I had to or I would be majorly in the poor house!) and I refrained from buy all the things I wanted because really…I WANTED ALL THE THINGS! Oh the colors and the prints and the fabrics and the cuts of things. The skirts and summer sweaters and the shorts and the dresses and the skirts. AND THE SHOES! OH THE SHOES! I was as they say, a kid in a candy store. I walked in and off I went, loading my arms up almost immediately. However reality set in and I realized I am not a Hilton, I can’t just spend whatever I want to spend since you know, I’m a grown-up(most of the time) and I have bills I still need to pay. Instead I had a budget in mind when I went in and I mostly stuck to it. Okay so I went $70.00 over, so sue me.

And now I must have you dying of curiosity…okay, maybe a little interested (are you interested?) in what I bought. Well first let me show you what I wanted and didn’t get. Because man…man did I WANT!

Jcrew Factory Want

Um yeah, who could afford that even with 50% off??!! Not this kid here. But it was tempting, so tempting to say screw the rent, I’m moving into a box with all my JCrew stuff and that’s that. But instead I put on my big girl panties and thought about what I really had been eying on the website and what I would get use out of in my wardrobe based off of pieces I already have. And after much, much time spent looking everything over I give you want I actually got:

JCrew Factory Sale

See…WILL POWER! Like how I did that? I showed you the millions of things I wanted first and then showed you what I got making it look like I reigned myself in. The truth is, my wallet did it, but whatevs! I still got some really cute stuff and I left stuff behind for you to buy my friends. I really am all about the people, I swear.

And now I must ask, what do you think of my purchases? What store/sale is your weakness?

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  1. missprint

    Polka dots and stripes! *grabby hands*

    I am such a sucker for a good Vera Bradley sale–it’s ridiculous. Family members now have almost as many Vera Bradley things (calculators, coasters, clips) as I do since I give them for gifts!

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