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This is kind of a broad category don’t you think? I could say that I like books that have brunette girls and  then give you list of those. Actually that would be harder since it seems red heads are HUGE in YA literature at the moment. But I digress. Really I guess I’m going to look at it as a category within a category. Like for instant you have my love, YA books. In YA you can find a variety of different groups. You have the dystopians, the contemporaries, the fantasy, and the group I like to call contemporary dystopian. Each book can attract a different set of readers or a reader can be a lover of books in every category. Up until this year I shied away from all books too sci-fi or fantasy like because I didn’t think they were my thing, that was until I challenged myself to read something outside of my norm at least once a month. And since January I have read a bunch of really great books I would never have picked up.So in honor of today’s BEA Armchair discussion, I give you books from the above categories that have been my favorite to date:

what twentyannasummerjellicoe

divergent1pivot catchingfire

iron shattergraceling

Contemporary Dystopian:
program delirium

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So I ask you, what do you consider genre fiction? What group of books do you find yourself gravitating to? Do you have a favorite you would suggests to others?

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    • Contemp Dystopian is kind of a category I made up. It is a story that is dystopian because the world is different in some way, ie, the removal of love or depression, but it is something that seems realistic, if that makes any sense. 😀

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