Top Ten Tuesday – Intimidating Books

top10tuesday1Top Ten Nine Most Intimidating Books

twilightharry gone diviners 1984

1) Twilight Series – Between the Twihards, the number of times I have been told to read this and the movies, Twilight overload would make anyone be scared.
2) Gone Series – I read the first but there are 5 others. It’s so long!
3) Harry Potter books – they hype for these books is just too much for me.
4) The Diviners – dying to read it but the amount of pages frightens me at 550+
5) 1984 – People seemed to love this classic that was the beginning of dystopian writing but I tried and failed. It worried me some that I didn’t see the point.


6) Gone with the Wind – It is over a 1000 freaking pages!
7) Pride and Prejudice – At the risk of being tar and feathered, I’m not and Austen fan so I just can’t even think of reading this one. It scares me actually.
8) Stephanie Plum series – it’s a 20 book series! I just can’t!
9) Anna and the French Kiss – Etienne is so hot he completely intimidates me, but I have read the book 5 times!(challenge)

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  1. Sadness. I love Jane Austen. Have you tried Persuasion? It might be my favorite. And I’m surprised you missed 1984–one of my school reads.

    Twilight, oh Twilight. I read book one and then I just read all of the wikipedia entries for the others. I maintain that a relationship based on one character wanting to literally eat another character is deeply flawed. (And Jacob. I mean, come on!? No contest.) That said, the book has a lot of issues and I always tell friends who have read or plan to read the series to check out this article:

    1. Hey, I like a vampire story if you are named Angel, Spike or Eric Northman, but Twilight I can’t do. Honestly I think some, if not all, of my animosity towards it is the actors that play the parts.

  2. Read Anna and the French Kiss NOW. Don’t worry, it’s really as good as people say. I usually don’t like contemporaries, but Anna and the French Kiss just won me over.
    Great list & thanks for stopping by my TTT! (:

  3. OH MY GOSH. Read Anna! Seriously, it’s amazing! And I really liked Twilight. It was my favorite of the series, and way better than the movie. The movie was kind of terrible. I know how you feel about Harry Potter… and even though I got an ARC of The Diviners, I still have not read it! I don’t even know why!

    Thanks for visiting my TTT!

    – Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl

    1. HAHA. I’ve read Anna 5 times. It’s one of my favorite books. I was challenged by another blogger to get it on all the TTT lists until fall. 😉

      I just can’t bring myself to do Twilight though. I can’t do it. I think it is the expectation that I should read it. Also I’m not into the vampire thing unless you are Angel, Spike or Eric Northman.

      Thanks for the visit.

  4. I see Gone With the Wind on a lot of lists! I read it as a teen, I used to always read big books then, they weren’t as intimidating when I had eons of free time I guess 😉
    The Diviners kinda intimidates me as well… I really loved her Gemma Doyle series and I’ll be devastated if I don’t love this as well!

  5. Oh, the Diviners! Yes! I totally forgot all about that one, but it’s mammoth, and loads of folks have loved it, and it makes me very nervous. I loved her Gemma Doyle books, so am afraid it won’t live up to the hype I’ve set up in my head.

    And, oh, Harry Potter. You really should take the plunge on them. The third one is my absolute favorite. ♥

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