Day #14: Reading Deal Breakers

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15 day blogger challenge button 1This is actually a fun post because there are a few things that are deal breakers for me. Not some much that I’ll stop reading, as I usually like to finish a book. But more on the lines of I really can’t believe I’m reading this deal breakers. Stuff that is so annoying/absurd that I find myself rolling my eyes more than should be humanly possible. What are these deal breakers you ask? That’s funny, I was just about to tell you. 😉

  • Poorly written book. I can’t stand a book that is so poorly written that you start to believe you are the one that is insane. I just read one not that long ago that left me scratching my head
  • The cop out ending. Okay, I get it, everyone likes a happy ending. I understand that. But don’t get me pulled in and then  throw a twist at me and then tie it all up with a nice bow. I’m talking to you book. You know who you are!
  • Epilogues. I’m not really a fan of the epilogue. I find more times than not that it doesn’t add to the story. In fact it usually takes away.
  • A dumbed down book. I don’t like to feel that an author is writing down to the audience. Just because the book is YA doesn’t mean it the readers are stupid.
  • Idiotic plot points/devices. I hate reading a scene in a book and wondering why the heck it was there, what was the point.

Honestly there are probably more, but those will suffice. So, what are your deal breakers? Do they match any of mine?

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