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So this is my first attempt at the world of discussion posts. I don’t know how well something like this is going to go over on this blog, but I was chatting briefly on Twitter this past weekend about something and it got me thinking that it would make a good discussion post for my first attempt.

And now you ask, what are we Talking About? Well I know this has probably been discussed to death on a million other blogs, but I’ve never done it so it falls under the new to me category. We are talking about a difference of opinion when it comes to stuff you love.

I freely, 100% admit that I take it personally when someone doesn’t love what I love. I’m not sure why this is but I do. I understand that everyone has the right to their own opinion, that everything feels differently about things, but when I see a poor reaction to something that I utterly loved, I feel like someone is attacking my soul which duh, I know isn’t really the case. I guess when it comes down to it all has to do with passion. I’m passionate about what I read and what I like to wear and what I watch. I’m even passionate about what I like to eat(I’m a super picky eater so I’m an easy target for this one. HA!). When I read a book or watch a movie or even find a shirt I’m crazy about, I want everyone else to feel what I feel and when they don’t it bothers me which is just crazy silly but I can’t control it. But what I do control and am trying to get better at is my reaction and responses to these things. It’s easy to tell someone they are wrong and that {insert item} is awesome. What is hard is letting someone feel differently about something you love. That’s the test and what I’m still working on.

Let’s Talk About it…How do you react when someone doesn’t love something you love? What is your initial reaction and how to you handle it after?



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  1. Kelly

    I’m pretty chill about these things, and when the other person explains why it wasn’t for them, I’m usually pretty rational about it and can understand why they didn’t enjoy it like I did.

    But every once in a while I find something that I don’t want someone to sour with why they didn’t like it, so if it comes up, I usually divert the conversation to something else! Haha

    It’s like when I find a scathing review for a book I really loved. I just ignore it and move on with my day 🙂

    • I am definitely one of the people that doesn’t read reviews that aren’t anything but a love fest for the books I love. I just can’t do it. I’m too passionate about my love. 🙂

  2. For me, it depends on the criticism. I believe that everyone is welcome to their own opinion and to like/dislike whatever they please. Where I have an issue is when that opinion is harmful or just plain wrong. What I mean is, sometimes someone will make a very insensitive comment about a book that has had a massive impact on my life. I’ve had people attack characters that are basically written representations of me and my life. That, I’m not ok with. I find that extremely offensive and inexcusable. Now, if someone doesn’t like a book because they couldn’t get into it or couldn’t connect or didn’t like the writing, it’s kind of sad but I totally understand that. Having a diverse range of opinions and tastes is what makes the blogging community so awesome.

  3. I’m okay if they don’t love what I love, as long as they don’t make fun of me or be rude about it and carry on about how ridiculous I am for loving the thing. If they go there, then they probably fall about four steps on the “I tolerate you” ladder. I’ve had people outright laugh at me for knowing some more obscure facts about Harry Potter, and then tell me I’m going to hell because I’ve read HP and Twilight. And that was in eighth grade. So I have zero tolerance for people treating me like that now that I’m an adult and actually know how to handle situations like that.

    BUT! Veronica and I have found that we ALWAYS ship the opposite ends of the love triangles. Seriously, in a love triangle, there’s a 5% chance that we’ll actually agree on the same guy. But she and I have learned just to have fun with it and it gives us a chance to debate and try to sway each other to the other side. We never succeed though 😛

  4. I totally get affected when someone says bad things about something I love.sometimes I ignore them, but sometimes I would try to reason with them. Lol. I don’t think that’s so great, but like you, I cant help it. I don’t push them though if they don’t want to budge. Agree to disagree. XD

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