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What is Stitch Fix? describes themselves as “a personal styling service. You tell us your style, size, and budget preferences, and we send you a package of stylish goodies to try on at home. Each Fix is unique and hand-picked just for you.” And that is pretty accurate. Basically in Andi terms, you go onto their website, fill out an extensive survey about your fashion likes and dislikes, your sizes and skin tones, basically anything that can give the stylist a picture of who you are with them having never met you. After you do this you pick a date, pay $20.00 and wait patiently for your box to arrive. Each box will have 5 pieces of clothing/accessories based on what you selected in your survey. When your “Fix” arrives, you try on your items and decide what you want to keep or send back. If you keep everything you will save 25% off your total dollar value, minus the $20 you already spent. If you keep 1-4 items you take $20 dollars off that total. If you keep nothing all you will lose is for $20 fee and you are free to schedule another “Fix”. It’s easy to send everything back as you get a pre-addressed envelope that you pop in the mail 3 business days after receiving.  Stitch Fix has a great FAQ section that you can check out here if you are interested in finding out more.


Fix #2

I recently got my second “Fix” in the mail and I was happy with what I got. Included in the box was 5 items: 1 necklace, 2 tops, 1 cardigan and a sweatshirt. I was thrilled to dig in and see what I got. Over all it was a great box. Let’s see what I got:



Pomelo – Aleah V-neck Heathered Dolman Sleeve Shirt

As soon as I unfolded this I knew I was not keeping it. I know what works on my body and what doesn’t and I knew these sleeves wouldn’t look right on me. I did try it on as you can see and my assumption was correct. The color was really pretty though.

Keep? No.

41Hawthorn – Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan

I really liked this piece a lot. It was nice a lightweight and comfortable. I tried it on with two different bottoms (items from my closet) and liked the look of it.

Keep? Possible


AV Max – Kokomo Branch Bar Necklace

This neckalce was really pretty. I liked the design to it and it wasn’t heavy at all. It was a nice gold color and the pouch it came with was adorable. Sadly I knew I wasn’t keeping it when I saw the price and when I had decided already that I wasn’t buying the whole box. It just wasn’t worth it to me.

Keep? No


Pomelo – Corinna Striped Dolman Top

I loved this one. I’m a sucker for stripes and grey and black. It fit really well and it was nice and comfortable. It was a little too heavy to wear in the summer, late spring, but it was nicely made and easy to style.

Keep? Possible

Evolution by Cyrus – Silvana Bejewled Sweatshirt

This was my favorite thing in the box. I love the color and I’m a sucker for a jeweled sweatshirt. I styled it with two different bottoms and two different shirts under it and I liked the look of both. It wasn’t too heavy of a sweatshirt that you wouldn’t be able to wear it on those coolish summer nights. And it wasn’t too light that you couldn’t get away with wearing it in the winter.

Keep? Possible


In the long run I looked over everything, looked at the styling pamphlet that was sent and the “bill” that was sent as well. I thought about what I liked and didn’t like and what looked right on me and didn’t work. I got my package on Friday and by Monday had made my choice.

And my final choice is:


After thinking about the 3 pieces that I liked and the ways I could style them, there just wasn’t anything special or unqiue enough for me to keep this time. Nothing screamed out to me that I had to have it so I sent this whole box back. All in all though I was very happy with what was sent. Everything fit(even the weird top) and nothing was horrible. I liked on the style cart that the stylist said she looked at my Pinterest and so my love of J Crew and preppy looks. That showed me that they really do look for stuff you will like and I found that added even more points to how great Stitch Fix is.

I have already scheduled my next “Fix” for June when I get back from BEA and I can’t wait to see what I get. It was fun just to see how it would all shake out again.I changed some small things on my questionnaire to make sure everything was right. And now the wait is on.

If you are interested in signing up/trying Stitch Fix, click this link HERE to be brought to their website.



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  1. Kristin

    Fun! I kept two tops from my first fix. Super excited about it and I just scheduled my second fix for July. I’m hoping to get some new pieces for my summer Mexican cruise!

  2. I don’t have money to do this right now but I’ve been keeping my eye on it! All the things you got were cute but I think you made the right decision! Nothing screamed OMG HAVE TO HAVE. I think that’s really cool that they really take time to look at your profiles to see what you like.

    One question: if you get nothing than you lose $20? Does that mean you get your next box sent free or no? You just lose the $20? I think that’s my only snag in it is to pay $20 to try on clothes! Unless I’m just not understanding it?

    • You do loose the $20 if you buy nothing. That is the one downside. But after my first review 3 people clicked on my link so I got $75 in referral credits. Basically my second fix was free and I still have a credit balance. The twenty is a gamble, but it isn’t a service you have to cancel so it’s something to think about doing even just once.

  3. Aww, I really like this idea, and I wish it was available to Canadians. I liked the stuff you got – especially the branch necklace.

    I did click on the link, so I hope it gets you some more fun stuff! =) Thanks for sharing – I’ll definitely be interested in seeing your next fixes…

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