Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite TV Shows

   I used to watch a lot more TV shows than I do now. Now I read and watch everything on demand or on TiVo. But I do have a couple I watch now regularly. But mostly I have shows that I just love and could rewatch over and over again. So here are 10, some current, most old. What’s on yours?






Lost/24/Chicago Fire/Dawson’s Creek/Sex & the City/Friends/The O.C./Top Chef/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Project Runway

*Shout out to True Detective. I marathoned the first season, all 8 hours, on Sunday and I’m hooked! It is like Lost with all the meaningless clues and crime.

Please click on the links above to see more about the shows.
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  1. I’ve seen everything on your list except 24, The OC, and Project Runway. Actually, I’ve seen a few episodes of each, but never stuck with it consistently. I used to watch a lot more TV, but books (& school, blah!) have taken over my free time.

  2. Fire Bad, Tree Pretty!!! I totally use that at work now some days in response to questions. lol

    I also need Friends to go up somewhere for streaming because I want to do a rewatch of it! C’mon networks…stop hoarding shows just give Netflix or Amazon the rights!!

    My TTT is here.

  3. My mom’s favorite is 24 – she about lost her mind when the new series was released xD I started Lost, but lost interest around season 2. There were just too many loops and twists and timelines for me to remember.

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