Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Books I’m Not Sure I Want to Read

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   I’m a book buying addict and I buy a lot on impulse. Sometimes this is good and sometimes this is bad. Currently it is bad as I have a shelf of books I really am not feeling any longer. I know I wanted to read them at some point or they sounded interesting enough for me to keep but they just seem to sit there. It makes me sad as I could easly get rid of them but then I think what if I want to read them at some point. basically your typical catch 22. What books to you own that you are now unsure interest you?


   How to Ruin series/This Is Not a Test/Sweethearts/The Last Little Blue Envelope/Cold Kiss series/Defiance/Feedback/The Way We Fall/City of a Thousand Dolls/Ghost House

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0 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Books I’m Not Sure I Want to Read

  1. Ghost House is on my list too and the rest are all sitting on my shelf. I’ve also been thinking about reading City of a Thousand Dolls but haven’t done so yet – perhaps a joint read is in order? I’ve heard only good things about it. =)

    The only one of these I have read is This is Not a Test and while I love me some Courtney Summers I don’t think that this is one of her best, just tried to do too much and I think it’d been better as just a straight contemporary or a straight zombie book.

    My TTT is here.

  2. missprint

    I liked The Last Little Blue Envelope even more than the first so I say read it!

    Like Irish I was not a fan of This is Not a Test. And I’ve heard good things about Sweethearts but haven’t gotten to it myself yet.

  3. I LOVEEEEE This is Not a Test. It’s VERY dark, much more so than I was expecting, but that just made it even better. Plus, zombies. I think zombies are pretty cool.

    I’ve also read Sweethearts and I hated it, so much. But a lot of people really like it so it’s definitely one that you’d have to read for yourself to find out if you like it. I’ve never really been a HUGE fan of Zarr’s books, though, so I’m sure that came into play as well.

  4. HA I loved Sweethearts but it’s definitely a different vibe and not for everyone. BUT! The How to Ruin series — I thought it was readable and cute…but barely anyone I know has read it. So read it! So we can discuss! Though, I will say, with the fighting going on in Israel now, it would have a VERY different vibe to read it now…(the characters are in their army).

  5. I haven’t read ANY of these books, so I have no idea if you should get rid of them or not. 😛 Though Defiance is a series I for sure want to read! The story sounds cool and I love dual POV. 🙂

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