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Next we have Katie from Polished Page-Turners. She selected the Hourglass series as her gust post focus.


Hello lovelies! I’m Katie from Polished Page-Turners. I knew when Andi was looking for people to write a post about time travel and parallel universes I was like SIGN ME UP!


Time Travel has so much science involved that it makes my head spin at times but I have to say Myra McEntire handles it wonderfully in her Hourglass series. Hourglass was the first book I read that dealt with time travel so everything was a bit new to me. There were some words and phrases that were new to me but I quickly became familiar with. Today I am happy to share with you some common terms you might find in a book dealing with time travel and words you will most definitely find in Hourglass series.

Ripple or “Rip”: A rip is a person who exists in a time that isn’t the present (i.e. the past or future). There are various reasons they pop into the present, sometimes to warn a person and sometimes completely random. They are not ghosts because they can be from the future and ghosts are These are very important in the series, especially in Emerson’s story.

Time Gene: This is a gene that is most closely related to giving a person abilities related to time. Not every character can travel through time but everyone’s special talent is somehow connected to time.

Bridges: These are the passageways that those who can time travel use to go back and forth in time. Veils are also important when traveling back and forth in time. These exist just outside the entry and exit points of bridges.

Veil: A veil is like a waiting room to get into a bridge. To the naked eye it can be seen as a shimmer in the air. You need a time gene to access the veils and duronium. 

Duronium: Duronium is the element is needed to get through bridges. It’s found naturally as a metal. It isn’t listed on the periodic table for reasons.

Exotic Matter: This is another thing needed for time travel but if I am being completely honest I don’t know what it is beyond being required. I tried researching and I ended up even more confused!

Time Slip: This is very similar to a rip. The main difference is that rather than one person, it’s an entire scene or moment that shows up in the present. A time slip happens during the Hourglass series and has some very important significance.


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  1. missprint

    This is such a great time travel series (and one that did often need a glossary). I still feel happy just seeing all of the covers lined up.

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