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And finally we have me. I’m the last post on the fabulous Parallel Time Loop tour. I just want to take the time to say a brief thank you to the lovelies that played along with me, that humored me, and that went out of their way to write posts for my blog while still handling their own. You have all been the best and I thank you for that. If you missed a stop a full listing is after my post.

For my book I went with the book that started my love for all things parallel life and time travel. I went for Parallel.


parallelWhen I came up with this idea for Parallel Time Loop I knew exactly what I wanted to have my post be and which book I wanted to use. You can ask the other 9 bloggers. I told them immediately what my plan and book was so they couldn’t grab the book up. There was never any question in my mind that I wanted to do Parallel and I wanted to interview Lauren Miller about it. Lauren has been nothing but awesome to me since I reached out to her about her debut novel. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever interacted with and it was a pleasure to get to interview her about a book that I just love. (Side note, read her second book Free to Fall. IT IS AMAZING!)

1) Describe Parallel in 5 words.
Girl lives her parallel’s life.

2) Where did the idea for Parallel come from? Where you inspired by a movie, an idea, another book?
I guess I’d say I was inspired by JJ Abrams and Einstein.  Parallel started as just a seed of an idea — a girl wakes up in another version of her life.  That story has obviously been written many times before, so my starting place was a desire to put a new spin on this very basic concept.  To do, I realized then, what JJ Abrams had done with LOST.  Plane crashes on a deserted island.  We’ve seen that before.  But he gave it a part-sci-fi, part-supernatural explanation, and it became something totally new and amazing and addictive.  So I started hunting for my hook.  Using parallel worlds appealed to me, but having my main character travel to a parallel universe seemed both too-sci-fi and too far-fetched.  Then I stumbled upon an article about quantum entanglement, a real life phenomenon Einstein called “the spooky action at a distance,” and I knew I’d found my answer.  I’d have the parallel worlds collide!  What happens to the parallel worlds in Parallel is a fictional spin on what happens to subatomic particles when they collide.

3) The plot is pretty intricate going back and forth between “Here” and “There”. Did you find it difficult keeping the two worlds straight? Did you have a trick for this?
Actually, it wasn’t that hard for me, mostly because in my head, Abby and Parallel Abby are two very different girls.  Their voices felt different to me as I was writing them, and their timelines felt very distinct.  The tricky part was figuring out the cause and effect between the two worlds, to come up with connections that would be interesting, not too complicated and completely unexpected.

4) Since the book deals with parallel lives I’m guessing you weren’t able to have any hands on research. How did you handle the research aspect? I mean I know there is a lot of science to Parallel. Is that where you started?
Oops, I guess I already answered this one in #2!  Yes, I started with science for sure, and actually tried very hard to make the rules of my world(s) coincide with real scientific ideas and principles.

5) With Parallel being your debut book I must ask, what would you be doing in her parallel life if you weren’t an author?
You know what?  I have no idea.  I can see myself teaching art history at a tiny liberal arts college just as easily as I can see myself working as a television executive for a studio or network here in LA.  I think in every world I’m doing something creative.  But, the truth is, I’m happiest doing exactly what I’m doing now, writing books!

6) You currently have Parallel and the AMAZING Free to Fall on the shelf. I know you are currently working on a third book. Can you tell us anything about that? I may be a little excited for it no matter what it is. 🙂
Yay!  I like excitement for unwritten books.   This new story is a little less sci fi than my previous two, and a lot more character driven.  I don’t want to say too much, but I’ll tell you that it’s about beauty and vision and the nature of reality.

7) I ask all interviews this questions since my blog deals with clothes and accessories too. What is the one accessory, book, or clothing item laurenyou personally could not live without?
My distressed Citizens, which I am wearing right now (boyfriend cut, rolled up) and white v-neck t-shirts from Jcrew.  I like to get fancy on occasion, but most days, this is my uniform!

8) Finally, what does a girl have to do to get you to Boston so I can tell you in person just how awesome you are??!!
I think that can be arranged. . . 

Thank you so much Lauren for taking the time to answer my questions when I know you are busy writing a 3rd book for my everyone’s enjoyment. You can find Lauren on her Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads.






And on a side note, I’m not one for book trailers, but the one for Parallel is AWESOME!

And Free to Fall is just as good!


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3 responses to “Parallel – Andi at Andi’s ABCs aka ME

  1. Lovely interview, Andi! Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    I am pretty obsessed with Free to Fall – North is so MINE 😀 – but haven’t read Parallel. Little issue with there being a kind of love triangle lol.
    But I can’t wait to see what Lauren writes next!

  2. […] Parallel Time Loop – I’m a massive fan of parallel life books and time travel books which I find very interchangeable. After reading Loop by Karen Akins I was hit with an idea. I got a handful of bloggers together and had them guest post on my blog for 2 weeks. We each had our own book in the genre and were able to talk about whatever we wanted in conjunction with the book. I personally got to interview Lauren Miller, one of my fave people, and that was a fantastic thing. I hope to do more of these in 2015. One may even be in the works right now. Stay tuned! […]

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