Pub Date #5


Today is my turn to contribute to the fabulous feature, the brain child of Brittany at The Book Addict’s Guide, where myself, Brittany, Estelle at Rather Be Reading and Maggie at Just a Couple More Pages are paring books and beer. Pretty perfect for a bunch of beer and book lovers if you ask me.


Pub Date today was hard. I had a lot of ideas for the theme of wedding. I was going to post the beer that I drink at weddings, usually Corona or Bud Light to keep it simple. I was going to post Guinness as a shout out to my friend that drank it at her own wedding where for poor dress paid the dress, I was going to do the “Champagne of Beers” Miller. But I was talking to Estelle and all of a sudden an idea clicked in my head. Brittany was in Aruba on her honeymoon, and Aruba is the place my aunt got married in in 2012. Done.




The Beer
When I go away on vacation I like to drink the local beer at least once. And if it is good I will drink it the whole time. In Aruba the local island beer is Balashi. I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I tried it. The green bottle worried me, making me think it was going to taste like Heineken, which I don’t like. But in reality it was more like a Corona kind of beer and I ended up mostly drinking that for the whole week. It wasn’t something I needed to acquire a taste for so that was a bonus. Perfect vacation kind of beer. Was it a favorite? No. But not a bad alternative. Bonus, you can go to the brewery on the island. I did not. Other options: Corona, Yuengling Light



The Book
This was easy. Connecting Aruba and a book will ALWAYS lead me to one book and one book alone…Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas. Personally this book wasn’t a favorite of mine, but many, many others were over the moon in love. Honestly I didn’t hate the book and can 100% see the draw. It has a very addictive quality to it.


And there you have my Pub Date. I will be hosting this lovely feature every few weeks and would love for you to stop by and share a pint with me…or at least tell me what you are currently enjoying. Make sure you follow along with Brittany, Estelle and Maggie too. You never know when you will find your new favorite beer.

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    Balashi!!!! Man, I didn’t know you could visit the brewery. Damn. Balashi was all right but I liked Balashi Chill much more. Much more of a Corona taste, I think because regular Balashi was a bit heavy to drink constantly!
    DANGEROUS GIRLS. I want to re-read the book having been to Aruba now haha!

  2. Dangerous Girls was one of the craziest books I’ve ever read! I had no idea what to expect whatsoever, except that it was going to be an intense reading experience. By the end of the book, I wanted to throw it at the wall BUT I also thought it was the most fascinating mystery I’d read in a while. While I haven’t reread it since, I’m really pleased at how well-written it turned out to be. (Also, Coronas. Yes.)

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