2014 Year End Survey

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Number Of Books You Read: 151, possibly 152 by the time this posts.
Number of Re-Reads:
16 between reading and audio
Genre You Read The Most From:
Probably contemporary


1. Best Book You Read In 2014?

books1This question is SO HARD. I read a lot of great books in 2014. Some backlist like Froi of the Exiles & Quintana of Charyn, both by Melina Marchetta, some debuts like Open Road Summer by Emery Lord and Loop by Karen Akins, some unexpected loves like the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas and The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski, some highly inticipated books like Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins, Breathe, Annie, Breathe by Miranda Kenneally, and Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson, and some 2015 releases like I’ll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios, The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows and by the time this posts A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. Honestly I can’t narrow it down any more than that.

 2. Book You Were Excited About & Thought You Were Going To Love More But Didn’t?

 Winger by Andrew Smith. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, seemed to love this book. I was so excited to finally get it out of the library and sadly I just didn’t fall in love with it. It hurt my heart not to like it.

 3. Most surprising (in a good way or bad way) book you read in 2014? 

Froi of the Exiles by Melina Marchetta. Gail is sitting at her computer right now saying ‘I TOLD YOU SO!’ and she is right, she did tell me so. But I wingerread Finnikin of the Rock and I wasn’t all that into the series. I actually hated Froi so I had no plan to read the next book. And then BEA and beer happened and I got sucked into reading it. It is one of my favorite reads of the year with Froi being one of my favorite literary characters ever. So yes Gail, you told me so!

 4. Book You “Pushed” The Most People To Read (And They Did) In 2014?

Like I even need to say this. You all know how many of you I pushed Loop by Karen Akins on. And I think a bunch of you actually listened or plan to listen in the near-ish future.

 5. Best series you started in 2014? Best Sequel of 2014? Best Series Ender of 2014?

The Throne of Glass series was the best I started in 2014. The best sequel was Froi of the Exiles. Best series ender would have to be Isla and the Happily Ever After.

 6. Favorite new author you discovered in 2014?

Oh man. I have a couple of these too. Sarah J. Maas, Emery Lord, Heather Demetrios…I could keep going.books2

7. Best book from a genre you don’t typically read/was out of your comfort zone?

I would have to be either the Throne of Glass series or the Lumatere series.

8. Most action-packed/thrilling/unputdownable book of the year?

I read a lot of action packed/thrilling books this year, but they all took me a few days to read. I’ll Meet You There was a book that I couldn’t put down. I read it in a day and I wish I could do it all over again.

 9. Book You Read In 2014 That You Are Most Likely To Re-Read Next Year?

Loop, I’ll Meet You There, The Start of Me and You, Open Road Summer, Heir of Fire, to name a few. I’m a huge rereader and plan to join Hannah and Kelly in their ReRead Challenge.

10. Favorite cover of a book you read in 2014?

The One by Kiera Cass, The Winner’s Curse/Crime by Marie Rutkoski or The Jewel by Amy Ewing. I can’t pass up a pretty dress.

11. Most memorable character of 2014?

books3Celaena Sardothian, Throne of Glass series

 12. Most beautifully written book read in 2014?

I’ll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios. Read that book months ago and I can still feel it.

13. Most Thought-Provoking/ Life-Changing Book of 2014?

I think I read too many amazing books that changed me in some way, shape or form to narrow it down to just one. 2014 had a lot of wonderful book in it.

 14. Book you can’t believe you waited UNTIL 2014 to finally read? 

I have to go with Harry Potter series. I’m only 2 books in, but to be a book blogger and wait this long for that series is just crazy to me. Plus it has been pretty good so far.

 15. Favorite Passage/Quote From A Book You Read In 2014?

“His eyes are somewhere between gray and blue, and his hair is somewhere between brown and blond, and I am somewhere between hostile and attracted.”
Emery Lord, Open Road Summer

16.Shortest & Longest Book You Read In 2014?

 Longest: Froi of the Exiles by Melina Marchetta at 593 pages. Shortest: Tempting the Best Man by J/. Lynn at 172 pages.

 17. Book That Shocked You The Most

I have 3 that jump to mind:

  1. Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas: I thought it was only a 3 book series so I was very mad at the end and then I was mad because it was the end!
  2. The Jewel by Amy Ewing: That END! THAT END!
  3. The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows: Jodi Meadows is just MEAN! 😛

18. OTP OF THE YEAR (you will go down with this ship!)

Celaena and Chaol for the win! You can’t tell me I’m wrong

19. Favorite Non-Romantic Relationship Of The Year

Dee and Reagan from Open Road Summer. Such a great, great healthy friendship.books4

20. Favorite Book You Read in 2014 From An Author You’ve Read Previously

Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson for Breathe, Annie, Breathe by Miranda Kenneally

21. Best Book You Read In 2014 That You Read Based SOLELY On A Recommendation From Somebody Else/Peer Pressure:

Froi of the Exiles. You can stop smirking now Gail.

22. Newest fictional crush from a book you read in 2014?

Matt Finch baby (Open Road Summer)! Or maybe Chaol Westfall (Throne of Glass)! Or maybe Patrick Sheldon (Something Real)! No, maybe Finn Masterson (Loop)! Okay, there are too many.

23. Best 2014 debut you read?

Open Road Summer or Loop

24. Best Worldbuilding/Most Vivid Setting You Read This Year?

Nope. Not answering. I don’t have the time to list them all. I read too many awesome books with pretty world building.

25. Book That Put A Smile On Your Face/Was The Most FUN To Read?where

Loop by Karen Akins.

26. Book That Made You Cry Or Nearly Cry in 2014?

I cried almost EVERYDAY reading Quintana of Charyn. And I bawled like a baby reading I’ll Meet You There, The Start of Me and You and my reread of Where She Went. Tears were shead in 2014,

27. Hidden Gem Of The Year?

Loop by Karen Akins. I really love that book guys.

28. Book That Crushed Your Soul?

Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas or The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows

29. Most Unique Book You Read In 2014?

heirTease by Amanda Maciel. You don’t get a lot of books from the bully’s perspective. I liked taking a look at things that way. It was different and opened your eyes to what they are thinking. Whether you like the main character or not, it got you thinking.

30. Book That Made You The Most Mad (doesn’t necessarily mean you didn’t like it)?

Some Boys by Patty Blount. I’m still angry about this book


1. New favorite book blog you discovered in 2014? 

The Book Addict’s Guide. I’m not sure how I missed Brittany’s blog before, but it is one of my favorites now. As is she. 🙂

2. Favorite review that you wrote in 2014? 

Isla and the Happily Ever After or Open Road Summer

 3. Best discussion/non-review post you had on your blog?isla

The review of my Tieks was the most popular viewed post of the year.

4. Best event that you participated in (author signings, festivals, virtual events, memes, etc.)?

 BEA. I went for the first time and it was everything I hoped it would be. Review HERE & HERE

5. Best moment of bookish/blogging life in 2014?

Oh man! Um, I got to meet a TON of authors I always wanted to meet at BEA. I got to moderate a Sarah J. Maas signing. I got over 1000 blog followers this year. I got my name in the acknowledgements of a book by an author that has become a friend. And I had sweet friends get me signed copies of Stephanie Perkins books. It was a pretty fantastic blogging/book life for me in 2014.

7. Most Popular Post This Year On Your Blog (whether it be by comments or views)?

 Besides my Tieks review, my Getting to Know You Blog Hop post had the most views and love.

8. Post You Wished Got A Little More Love?

My reviews. I wish reviews got a little more love, but I get it. I never really read reviews until after I read a book and I’m a terrible commenter.

9. Best bookish discover (book related sites, book stores, etc.)?

drinking_glass1Honestly, it has been Cafe Press. I can make ANYTHING I want there. Including this glass I made for a giveaway for for Stephanie Perkins.

10.  Did you complete any reading challenges or goals that you had set for yourself at the beginning of this year?

My goal was 150 books and I have currently read 151. I also wanted to read some new things and that I did.


1. One Book You Didn’t Get To In 2014 But Will Be Your Number 1 Priority in 2015?

I don’t really read like that. If I missed it I will get to it eventually. But if I had to pick I would say Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson, which I could still get to by the end of the year. We’ll see.

2. Book You Are Most Anticipating For 2015 (non-debut)?

I’ve been super lucky and have already got to read some of my highly anticipated books Throne of Glass 4, The Heir, Twist, The Devil You Know, Hold Me Like a Breath, Jesse’s Girl, Fill-in Boyfriend…to name a few.

3. 2015 Debut You Are Most Anticipating?

You know, I’m not really sure. I’m excited for a lot of books in 2015.

 4. Series Ending/A Sequel You Are Most Anticipating in 2015?

 Throne of Glass 4, Twist, The White Rose, The Heir… I read a lot of series.

5. One Thing You Hope To Accomplish Or Do In Your Reading/Blogging Life In 2015?

 I think next year I might want to start with a monthly recap. We’ll see, but it is something in my head. I also want to be better at commenting. And I what to do something new with my reviews but I don’t know what.

courtillmeetyou6. A 2015 Release You’ve Already Read & Recommend To Everyone:

 I’ll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios and A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas.

Thanks Jamie for the survey!



10 responses to “2014 Year End Survey

  1. I am so glad that you, like me, read and loved the Lumatere chronicles! They really are fantastic. Also, your survey has made it very clear to me that I have got to catch up on the THRONE OF GLASS series–it’ll be one of my highest reading priorities in 2015. I hope you have a great reading year in 2015!

  2. missprint

    What I’m getting from this is that I need to move Loop higher up my TBR pile 🙂

    Good luck with the commenting resolution and other plans. I don’t think I’ll ever do a monthly recap but I like the idea (I stole Kayla’s idea for weekly recaps and between that and my monthly reading trackers I’m pretty happy with the groove I’ve found).

    And I keep forgetting that The Heir is a 2015 book and then I get excited about it again!

  3. I, for one, am glad that we started chatting and actually met this year! It’s so much fun to get to know new people through blogging, and you’re one of the people I “met” this year. I am thrilled that it’s also the year that you’ve started reading a lot of fantasy and that two of my favorites – Sarah J. Maas and Jodi Meadows – are on this “best of” survey 😀

  4. Breenah A

    I love this whole survey and mine’s sitting in a draft post waiting to be filled out. Somehow there were a couple books you mentioned as favorites that I missed, so my TBR list continues to grow!

  5. Still so so jealous about A Court of Thorns and Roses. Your GR updates were killing me 😛 But it’s just till May – I can wait that long. Right?

    Andrew Smith just seems odd to me. I saw him at an author panel and pretty much decided that his books probably wouldn’t be for me.

    I love how much Throne of Glass is featured on here <3 Makes my heart happy haha.

    That ORS quote <3 Why can’t we clone Matt Finch? This is a serious problem.

  6. I TOLD YOU SO!!!

    And stop peaking into my apt as I read this because I totally was not smirking…nope…not smirking at all with some of the revelations in this post. Though perhaps now you’ll be more willing to listen to me when I recommend something that you are reluctant to read so I don’t have to trick you into bargains. 😉

  7. I love reading these posts! This is probably my favorite all year round. Anywho, so glad you did not give up on Lumatere! Melina Marchetta cannot be denied. 😀 And I totes need to read Loop, huh? 🙂

    Here’s to another awesome year of reading/blogging. LOVE YOU.

  8. It’s so fun reading the answers to this survey, I’m discovering so many great books this way. I got Loop for Christmas and I can’t wait to read it, I’ve heard so many good things! I’ve owned Open Road Summer for months and definitely need to hurry up and read that one. I discovered Throne of Glass this year and I am obsessed. The wait for book four is killing me! I’m really excited for The Fill-In Boyfriend, West never disappoints. Great answers! 🙂 I recently did my own survey, which can be found here if you want to check it out.

  9. Morgan @ Gone with the Words

    151 is a lot of books! Congrats! The most I’ve ever read in a year was 85 last year haha. Ahh I still need to read the Lumatere Chronicles and I just got Loop for Christmas! Heir of Fire, The Winner’s Curse and Since You’ve Been Gone were some of my favorite reads toooo 😀

    I’m going to do the reread challenge too! I rarely allow myself the luxury anymore, I feel too guilty about all my unread books. But I’m excited to reread a lot in 2015. I did read the Raven Boys and The Dream Thieves again. So worth it.

    Not a huuuuge fan of the Selection series but the covers really are fantastic. The One is gorgeous.

    WAIT WHAT YOU’RE JUST NOW READING HARRY POTTER OMG I’M SORRY PROBABLY EVERYONE HAS RESPONDED THIS WAY BUT I CAN’T HELP IT. It’s my favorite of all time. And I’m super glad you liked the first two books because they only get better! Book 3 and Book 6 are my favorites. I hope you keep enjoying the series! Feel free to tweet me anything Potter related at any time hahah.

    LOL I love that Reagan quote!

    Kiss of Deception is one I’m hoping to get to soon also. I’ve seen it on so many of these surveys!

    Loved reading all of your answers 🙂 Feel free to check out mine if you’d like! http://gonewiththewords.com/2014/12/morgans-2014-end-year-survey.html

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