Blog Tour: The Winner’s Curse – Marie Rutkowski (GIVEAWAY)

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The ‘Winner’s Curse’ is an economics term that means you’ve gotten what you wanted – but at too high a price.  What would you pay too much for?

I spent a lot of time thinking about what I would do for this blog tour. I mean I loved the book, see my review from yesterday, and loved The Winner’s Crime, but I wasn’t sure there was anything I would pay too much for. I’m usually really careful when spending my money and think though cost to wear ratio on big ticket items. And then it came to me. There are two things I want badly and would probably over spend to get; an amazing closet and the perfect reading area.

I scoured the internet and found 4 of each that I absolutely love and would 100% pay too much for.


Click on picture for source.

I saw this shoe wall when I was browsing Google and I was sold. Currently my shoes are all in boxes taking up a TON of room. Not to mention my jewelry in a tupperware container. Yup, I would pay WAY TOO MUCH for this closet.

Click on picture for source.

Can you imagine a closet with stairs? I mean STAIRS? Nope, neither can I. But how EPIC would this be? Summer stuff on one floor, winter on the other? Just take my paycheck for the year.

Click on picture of source.

Probably the most simple of the 4 I have selected, but I love the dress form, different levels for different types of clothing and the cabinet feature. I can already see where I would put what. I must admit that I would probably use a different rug though.

Click picture for source.
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I love everything about this closet. I love the rug. I love the chaise. I love the picture of the wall. I have taken creative liberty and decided that the bars for the clothing extend all across the wall from one end to the other and the other wall has an epic show rack. Either way I love it!


Click on picture for source.
Click on picture for source.

I don’t know it is the the massive walls of books, the gorgeous window setting, or the green pillows that drew me to this reading nook. All I know is that I want it, and I want it now!

Click on picture for source.
Click on picture for source.

Those couches! Those couches! Those couches! I would totally start a book club and have you all over so we can sit on these things.

Click on picture for source.
Click on picture for source.

That window seat is EVERYTHING. I know there are minimal book shelves around it, but I can get up and get my books. To sit in that window is totally worth it.

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Click picture for source.

I don’t think I need to explain why I picked this one. If you are a reader…you 100% under stand.


That was a lot of fun! Make sure you check out the other tour stops HERE and check out the master website for Marie’s Winner trilogy HERE. You can also play Bite and Sting, a game from the book, HERE. And don’t forget to check out both The Winner’s Curse and The Winner’s Crime (out March 3rd).

The giveaway is US ONLY and provided by the publisher. Winner will choose between a copy of The Winner’s Curse or The Winner’s Crime (this will take longer to ship out).  Please enter below. Runs January 24th at 12am to January 30th at 11:59pm EST.

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Thanks Macmillan for the fun tour.



40 responses to “Blog Tour: The Winner’s Curse – Marie Rutkowski (GIVEAWAY)

  1. Natalie

    Well, I already pay a lot for books, but I so don’t regret any of that. I would pay tons of money to meet Benedict Cumberbatch, my one true goal in life. Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  2. Wow! How about I spend way too much money on all that stuff above? That’s beautiful. All of it. But like everyone else probably says I spend to much money on books. But they are so pretty and I need them. I also spend way to much on food and insurance and gas and bills. Just everything in the world is getting to be ridiculous prices. It gets hard not to spend too much. I’m a huge, huge fan of The Winner’s Curse and The Winner’s Crime, so thank you for participating in this blog tour. I want them both.

  3. Emmah

    I’d spend too much on either Hanson concert tickets + meet & greet or a reading room!! Or maybe even an indoor pool.

  4. Alexandra Soto

    I 100% agree about the reading nook. I would love one with a window seat and fluffy blankets and pillows. Maybe a shelf for snacks and drinks. Btw thanks for the giveaway. I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am for The Winner’s Crime. The wait is frustrating.

  5. Christina R.

    I LOVE your photos!! I’d love any of the reading nooks – they’re all awesome!!

    I’d pay too much for a reading space as well 🙂

    I’d love Winner’s CRIME.

    I have a US address but rafflecopter might show my location outside US because I’m doing a semester abroad

    thank you so very much 🙂

  6. Nikki Robinson

    I already spend too much money on books. But I would definitely give all the money I have and will ever have to have an awesome reading nook.

  7. Heather F.

    I’d say traveling to see my favorite hockey team play. It would be awesome to be able to see them play in every venue! And, that reading nook you found was pretty awesome too. LOVE!

  8. victoria

    I would probably spend way too much money on either a vacation to Italy or a really cool vintage item. But if I could, I would have Belles library from Beauty and the Beast . I also want to donate a library with my name on it .

  9. I think that, for my income, I spend way too much on books. But, honestly, I don’t regret buying them because they are like little adventured to anywhere and you can’t really put a price tag on life experience or the (emotional) vacation of a lifetime. Books are my passport to anywhere, so I guess you could say that I wouldn’t think twice about my “winner’s curse” when it concerns literature.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Well, I already spend too much on books, on occasion. But really, that’s a non-issue. I’m very tempted by that last reading nook though!

    Something I’d spend a lot on that I rarely even consider is a good pair of jeans. My aunt spoiled me this Christmas with a REALLY nice pair that fit perfectly, and since then I’ve considered splurging on a second pair.

    Kayla @ The Thousand Lives recently posted: ARC Review: Since You’ve Been Gone by Mary Jennifer Payne
  11. Michelle Lee

    I would spend a lot of money on books and school textbooks! I hate having to buy $200 textbooks for my courses. However, I love buying books that I enjoy reading. Thank you for this amazing chance! I’m looking forward to The Winner’s Crime! 🙂

  12. Cali W.

    Thanks for the giveaway! I do find I spend to much on clothes because I want them to last me a long time. <3 Can't wait to read The Winner's Crime.

  13. Mary G Loki

    I currently spend too much money on food. 🙁 Fast food at that. So far this month I’ve spent $150. It’s really bad.

  14. Isabella

    Those reading nooks look sooooo nice!! I would definitely pay too much for them! But I also would pay too much for plane tickets to other countries 🙂

  15. Danielle D.

    I already spend faaar to much on books, haha. I’d love a library and massive closet like these though. Maybe a swimming pool too. Nice choices!

  16. Barrie

    I am so excited for the release of the Winner’s Crime!!! I love your dream house there! Looks amazing! 🙂

    • I’d probably spend too much on health of friends and family, but in terms of what you can truly buy…..probably cool experiences? Like getting to meet authors and talk about books and their upcoming ideas/books (some spoilers perhaps?) and/or tv shows or movies. 🙂

  17. That is definitely a really hard question because I am also really frugal… but maybe either a really great trip or some other awesome experience, like a private concert with a favorite band or something. I really love those book nooks you posted! I might would be willing to spend too much on that as well!

    acps927 recently posted: Review: Mistborn
  18. Allison R

    I would want to spend more time on making my bookshelf more unique and also give my window “nook” more personally. I need to find a cushion and some pillows to match!

  19. Ashley

    I am with everyone, I could spend a TON building/stocking a library. In general, though, I would do about anything to ensure the health/happiness of people I love.

  20. Holy canoli, those photos!!! They are absolutely fantastic. Pretty sure I’d kill for the book cases and the two story closet, geez, that’s amazing. You did good picking those pics out. I would probably pay way too much right now for an ARC of Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot, but that’s not going to happen so… I would definitely pay a fortune to get back to my alma mater and just be stuck at college forever with my friends. It was such a simpler time compared to being an adult! haha

  21. Emily Crowell

    OOOO those pics are my dream house <333 But I'd spend too much to go travel to author signing events… BUT IT’S JUST SO MUCH FUN!! Hoping to go to ya’ll west this spring… Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Elaina Watler

    I would spend too much on an at home gym! I have my beautiful reading area already even though I already need another bookshelf.

  23. Leah Hanson

    I’ve been following this blog tour every day and usually when I get the “what would you pay too much for?” question, my gut reaction is anything that would help my family be safe and happy. But now that I’ve seen your dream reading nooks, I might be swayed for that (sorry family!!). Can’t wait to read this book!!

  24. Perla

    I already spend a lot on books but I also spend a lot on DVD’s. Its mostly because I buy TV series and I still want so many more 🙁

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