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Welcome to the revamped ABCs.  In the past I have used this weekly Wednesday post as a link up but times are a changing. I’m switching things up as you have learned HERE.

Today I decided to do an ABCs post. It’s been a long time since I shared with all of you the accessories, book and clothing items I am lusting after. I honestly forgot how fun it is to do these.

I also want to take the time to thank you all for signing up and playing along and just being down right enthusiastic about it. I’ll keep it going until you don’t want it anymore. (So don’t forget to sign-up since I LOVE it. :-D)



Accessory: Massachusetts Pint Glass
I’m a pint glass junkie. I try to buy one from every place I go on vacation. Sometimes this makes me come home with more than one, but I don’t care. I mean I’m running out of space to put them all and again I don’t care. When I saw this state one I just knew I needed to get it. It hasn’t happened yet, but I hope it will happen soonish.

Books: Custom Library Stamp
I try to be good about the books I borrow from people and that I lend out, but I know it can get overwhelming with what books you have from who. I was poking around Etsy and came across this custom stamp. I’m totally buying it when I get my eBates refund money (sign-up here if you are interested in getting cash back with every purchase). I’m just trying to decide if I should use my full name or my blog name. Comment with suggestions please.

Clothes: Canadian Goose Trillium Parka
A woman I work with just recently got this coat in red and I want one now. She said it is so warm. So warm in fact that she feels like she is by a fire when she wears it. I wish the fur was fake around the collar, but for warmth I think I would make do. Plus I am dying for an Army Green winter coat.


If you would like to play like I did, sign-ups are open. HERE



12 responses to “The ABCs with Me

  1. I already commented on Twitter to tell you to please, please get Moose Knuckles or North Face instead of CG. Believe me, I have done the research, and CG does terrible things to foxes. Also, my co-worker has a CG and we both agree that my Moose Knuckles is way better – better material, warmer, nicer. As a Canadian, I feel like I can honestly say how insanely good my Moose Knuckles coat is in -20 degree Celsius weather. I was debating between an Army green and navy blue and went with the blue only because the white fur looked better with my hair!

    Re: the stamp – I would just go with Andi because it might not always be a blogger borrowing from you?

    • You don’t have to stamp them all at once…can start with new books as they come in…and then older ones as you loan them out. Eventually they will all be tagged. *s*

      Irish recently posted: The TBR Tag

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