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Today is my turn to contribute to the fabulous feature, the brain child of Brittany at The Book Addict’s Guide, where myself, Brittany, Estelle at Rather Be Reading and Maggie at Just a Couple More Pages are paring books and beer. Pretty perfect for a bunch of beer and book lovers if you ask me.


The Beer


When I travel I like to try the local beer at least once, but usually more times. In Mexico I drank Corona, Hawaii was Kona, Punta Cana was Presidente, Aruba was Balashi, you get the picture. So when a friend and myself went to Texas in the end of March/beginning of April I was excited to add a new beer to my list.

Since neither one of us had ever been to Texas we decided to do two cities in one trip; San Antonio and Austin. Both cities were never different in terms or vibe and the people. But they both had something in common, good beer. Admittedly I didn’t try as many new beers in San Antonio as I did in Austin, but there is a reason for that. You see in Austin we went on a brewery tour to Adelberts3 different Austin breweries and one craft beer bar. But in San Antonio I did try my first ever Lone Star and a Shiner Bock which both were very good. We also visited the Alamo and spent a lot of time on the River Walk. I will admit to drinking a lot more Corona in San Antonio, but we were close enough to Mexico so I deemed it okay.

Austin was the city we spent the most time in. We were there for most of the trip and like I mentioned before went on a brewery tour which is really the heart of today’s Travel Pub Date Post.

When planning our trip my friend came across a brewery tour which we were both interested in. It was $60 a person but that covered transportation breweryhopsgrainto all 3 breweries and drinks. Each tour is a little different in terms of the breweries you go to based on availability. We ended up going to Hops & Grain, Adelbert’s and Austin Beer Works after meeting at Craft Pride. At each brewery my friend and I tried different beers so we could taste each other’s too. All in all I tried 11 different beers (no, not all full pints and 5 were just sips). I think when it came down to it the Heisenberg at Austin Beer Works was my favorite. I’ve included a list of all the beers I have myself on the tour (again not all full pints).



Hops and Grain
Zoe Pale Ale
Flat Track Coffee Porter
Naked Nun
Austin Beer Works
Furry Beagle
Craft Pride
Guadelupe Honey Ale


It was a really fun experience and I would definitely recommend it if you are visting Austin or even live in the area.



The Book
I had a hard time with the book for this one as I wanted to stay with Austin as a theme. When I thought about it I could only come up with one book that took place in Austin and that book is Lovestruck Summer by Melissa Walker. I read it 4 years ago and really enjoyed it. It totally fits in with my theme and is a fun one to pick up without a lot of heavy lifting.


And there you have my Pub Date. I will be hosting this lovely feature every few weeks and would love for you to stop by and share a pint with me…or at least tell me what you are currently enjoying. Make sure you follow along with Brittany, Estelle and Maggie too. You never know when you will find your new favorite beer.

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