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I’m terrible at giving up on books. I’m one of those people that thinks things can get better so I push through. Usually they don’t get better and I’m left reading a book I don’t enjoy which isn’t fair to me or other books. But I have actually taken the drastic action of not finishing a book for 9 books. And almost not finishing it for 1 (I should have quit as I didn’t really like it).


Where it Began / Afterparty: I first quit Where it Began because I couldn’t get into the narrating style. I didn’t like the way the story was told so I decided to stop reading. I took a shot again with the author and tried Afterparty and I just couldn’t. I think this author and I don’t mesh well and I have now learned my lesson.

The Boyfriend Project: This one actually hurt my heart to quit. I’m a HUGE HUGE fan of this author and loved her last book (the companion to TBP) but I just couldn’t do it. The main character was so vapid and self centered. She thought everything should revolve around her and I just couldn’t put myself though that.

Love, Rosie: One of those cases where the movie was way better. This book was 512 pages of NOTHING happening! I read like 250 pages and I just couldn’t do it anymore. I flipped through the end and knew I made the right choice. The movie hit on all the major points without being dull and I enjoyed that a lot more.

My Best Friend, Maybe: I was really excited for this one. Greece and a friendship kind of story? Sign me up. Instead I hated the main character. She was 17 and felt more like 12 and it just didn’t work for me. I only lasted 17% with this one.

The Crazy Things Girls Do for Love : My very first DNF. Like all the others I found nothing to be happening and the main character again to be vapid (do you see a trend??). I only lasted 80 pages.

Dangerous: Another book I found young. But also I’m not into space books and aliens so that added to it. I read 77 pages but I couldn’t push myself to read anymore. A lot of people do love this author though so I would give her another chance.

Too Good to be True: In a short span of time I rolled my eyes more times than I could count. I made it 25% and threw in the towel as it was not the book for me.

1984: I never read this in school and I know why. So not a book for me. I think I made it 125 pages and gave up. I’m just not a classics reader I don’t think.

Almost DNF:

Dark Triumph – I just finished this one but I almost didn’t. It was so so slow and the romance lacked a spark for me. The only reason I kept reading was book 3.

What books have you given up on?

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  1. I love how you said it’s not fair to other books. I’ve been better lately about DNFing books I’m not enjoying. There are too many books I want to get to. It’s really just best to stop when a book isn’t holding your interest. I read a lot of 3 star books, and even those have been disappointing me lately. I want every book I read to be 4 or 5 stars.

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