Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Love and Don’t Talk Enough About

I have read some really great books since 2010 (the year I got back into reading). Some of the books have so completely stuck with me yet I never talk about them. I get in a loop and find myself only talking about my all time favorites and not some of the really fantastic ones I have also read. Sure some may be because of the subject matter (Forbidden isn’t for everyone) but I still love it to pieces and think it was beautifully written. Here are 10 of mine that came to mind:

love1 love2

Small Town Sinner || If I Lie
love3 love4

Jellicoe Road || Forbidden

love5 love6

All Our Yesterday || Altered

love7 love8

Maybe One Day || All Broke Down

love10 love9

The Catastrophic History of You and Me || Fangirl

What books to you love and find yourself never talking about ? 

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**Covers from Goodreads

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  1. Jellicoe Road has been shifting back and forth between my tbr and my maybe pile for forever, but I’ve seen it on a few lists this week so maybe I need to finally put it on my tbr for real!

    Great list! 🙂

  2. All Our Yesterdays is so amazing, I loved that book! And I loved All Broke Down too. With my fervor over the Off Campus series I tend to forget how much I loved the Rusk University series. Fangirl is always a good pick, I’d like to reread it sometime!

  3. I am the worst! I meant to add Cora Carmack to my list and totally forgot. I love that whole Rusk University series and am dying a little waiting for Stella’s book. I really need to try Jellicoe Road someday too .

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