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There are a ton of book things I get excited for an none of them really have to do with reading the actual book. They may seem like little things to most but for me I get ridiculously giddy.


1) A gathering of bookish minds. Before I got into blogging I didn’t have a lot of local friends that read and loved the books I love. Now I get to get together locally with some fab people where we sit around and drink beers and cocktails and eat and chat about all things books and real life.


2) My name in lights. I have been lucky enough to see my name in the acknowledgements and in a blurb. This never gets old. It makes me so happy and giddy every time I see it. Makes me know I was part of the process.


3) Getting a new bookmark. I’m obsessed with bookmarks. I mean I use the same one all the time and yet I buy more constantly. I just love knowing there are bookmarks out there looking for a new home and I am happy to give them one.


4) Mail’s here. I’m not gonna lie, I love getting book mail. I love going to my PO Box or my house and having a book package waiting for me. Whether it is something I bought, a book from a publisher, a lend from a friend there is a thrill opening up and seeing what’s inside.


5) Helpful hand. I try to cross post my reviews on Amazon, especially for books I loved, and there is nothing more thrilling then getting a email from them saying: “Your review has helped someone.” That simple message makes me feel like the effort I put into blogging and reading is worth it.


6) Reread lovers unite. Being a blogger is hard for a lover of a good reread. But because of my Goodreads post on rereads I know there are a lot of us out there and that makes me so happy. That is by far my most popular post and makes me think I gave something good to the community.


7) Fangirling. Not gonna lie, I still totally fangirl when I talk to some of my favorite authors on Twitter. That’s just life and that is just me.


8) Shout outs. I love a good character shout out/connection made in books. Sarah Dessen and Morgan Matson are queens of this. They always connect their books in very subtle ways that true fans will recognize. I get stupid excited when I find out.


9) Events. ALA and BEA are probably two of my favorite events that I have done. It is the best way to see all of your book people from around the country and get to be social and laugh. There is nothing better than that and I will miss doing it at BEA this year.


10) Next stop…Anywhere. Books have taken me all over the world. I’ve been to Paris with Anna and Etienne. I’ve been to Connecticut with Emily and Frank. I’ve been to California with Anna and Frankie. I’ve been to Australia with Jonah and Taylor. I love the adventure and the travel a book brings you on and I can’t wait to see where the next one will take me.

So there you have it, my 10 Bookworm Delights. What are your delights?


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7 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday – Bookworm Delights

  1. Books really can take you all over the world. I love to travel, but I haven’t been able to do so recently. But my book intake has increased so much! It’s almost as though I’m overcompensating for being unable to travel by doing so through literature.

  2. Lindsay

    I loved your list, Liz! Shout-outs or call backs to prior books are one of my favorite things. I think that’s one of the reason why I love Miranda’s books so much!

  3. Hellooo killer list! I love all of these things!! The one that cracks me up is the ‘helpful hand’ because I SO agree with this! When I get an email saying I helped someone choose a book I legit feel my heart heat up with warm and fuzzies. <3

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