Top Ten Tuesday – Ten Facts About Me

Posted July 12, 2016 by Andi in Top 10 Tuesday / 6 Comments

I’m pretty open about most things so there probably aren’t 10 things that you don’t know about me, but here you go. Some have to do with book things, some not so much.

1) I go by Andrea in everyday life and only a few people call me Andi on a regular basis.

2) I am easily paranoid about certain things, like if people actually enjoy my blog.

3) I can’t wear red or yellow and it makes me sad. My skin is just too red for either color.

4) I am a New England Patriots fan and I will not apologize for it…ever.

5) I am a very sensitive person.

6) I have no idea what my ring size is. It always varies when I buy a new ring so I’m clueless.

7) I never had any intention of starting my own blog but I love it more than I can describe…on most days. 😉

8) I can’t draw to save my life but everyday I wish I could.

9) I can’t drink coffee but everyday I wish I could.

10) I 100% hate my hair.

What are some facts about you?

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6 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday – Ten Facts About Me

  1. I’ve always wished I could draw!! I took a drawing and painting elective class in high school and pretty sure I didn’t improve at allllll. I was always so embarrassed bc we’d have to come in and put all our drawings and paintings in the middle of the room for everyone to look at and talk about and mine was always one of the worst lolol. A lot of kids took that class bc they were already talented and a few of us either got stuck their or, like me, hoped they could learn to draw better. WOMP WOMP. I mean, I passed the class bc I did the work and the teacher liked me but oof

  2. You shouldn’t feel shame for loving your team! Deflategate got way out of hand, I mean, whoop de doo. I always call people how they introduce themselves to me, so it’s a little weird knowing you’re Andrea to other people in your life and Andi to us, since I never call people by their nickname unless literally everyone calls them that.

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