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In 2014 I was a huge fan of Stitch Fix. I did 5 posts talking about how awesome it was and what I got and what I loved and what I bought. In 2015 I scaled back but I did get one or 2 fixes that just didn’t work for me. Either the clothes didn’t fit or just not my style. I still get the emails from them so when I got one last week I said, sure, why not see what I get. Since my styling see was waved I had nothing to lose.

When my Fix came (3 days early) I had a rough idea what I was getting as I looked, and I was very disappointed. Everything was really high priced and not me. Not to mention I was sent shoes that were so not my style and so uncomfortable. But like any good shopaholic, I tried it all on. The dresses I got were terrible. The skirt was cute but not worth the money at all. It was the shirt that I loved. The shirt was everything I love in a top. It was my favorite shade of blue. It was comfortable. It looked great with my white shorts. Only problem…$78 (I had a $5 credit so it would have been $73). I was tempted. I even tweeted a picture of me in it.

In the end I knew I couldn’t justify it so I was sending it back.

I started to think about it though and decided I would look it up on line and see if I could maybe find it on eBay or something. Well I found it. I found it at Nordstrom Rack and it was $53 cheaper! I’m sorry what? Stitch Fix was trying to sell me a shirt that was, let’s face it, probably last season if at The Rack, for 53 more freaking dollars?? To say I was angry is an understatement. How dare you try to do something like that? $78 is a lot of a shirt to begin with, but to try to pass it off as a good price appalls me. Not to mention the shirt isn’t even originally $78. They already had a $10 mark-up on it!!!

What is the point of this shopping rant? BUYER BE WARE. I will never use Stitch Fox again after this. I was disappointed with the company in 2015 but gave them one more shot and they pulled this. That is just a no in my book. If you do get a Stitch Fix before you buy…look up the item. Don’t have the wool pulled over your head. Be smart and spend your money right. For me that means giving Stitch Fix none of it.

Update: Since writing this I have received this email from Stitch Fix

We appreciate your feedback in regards to pricing. We have taken note to ensure we’re more conscious of your cost preferences, in the meantime, we’re actively working on expanding our offering. I wanted to let you know that we’re always happy to price match pieces you’ve found online for a better price, like the Daniel Rainn blouse you mentioned.

This is fabulous news, if you know, they had told you that a head of time. Since I already purchased the shirt from Nordstrom Rack this is useless to me.


I paid shipping and now have to wait again for my shirt. Still so totally unhappy with this experience. Oh and side note, this was my 8th fix. So much for being loyal.





5 responses to “Buyer Beware

  1. I used stitch fix a couple times in like 2013/2014 and then stopped for a while because it’s pretty expensive. A few months ago I decided to treat myself to a box and I too was sooo disappointed. I had to send all my items back and waste the $20 because nothing fit me at all. Like, shorts that wouldn’t go up past my knees. I complained and they apologized but didn’t really do anything. With the amount of sizing questions they ask you would think at least one thing I should be able to even get on…

    Sorry for the rant, but all that to say I’m sorry you had a crap experience! I’m glad you were still able to get the top you wanted at a reasonable price, because it is super cute ! But $73 is like a whole outfit price…

  2. Damn! I’m glad I stopped my subscription after getting the same shirt three different times. It is such a great idea, but I have better luck with sites like Modcloth just by perusing their new arrivals every day.

  3. I think most people use Stitch Fix to save time so they don’t want to go to the trouble to find the item somewhere else so it can be price matched. It sounds to me like they’re taking advantage of people.

  4. I’ve never used Stitch Fix but I enjoy reading other people’s blog posts about what they receive. I’ve never seen any piece that I thought should be priced as high as they do which is partially why I never tried it out myself. I like clothes and shopping and I know what styles I like and what flatters my body type. I would rather pick out something that I love instead of relying on someone else to surprise me with something I might dislike and then have to go through the hassle of returning. I could see how maybe this service would benefit someone who feels clueless about fashion but I personally just never got the hype surrounding it.

  5. I used Stitch Fix for awhile and was okay with it. Got a few items each box that I liked. But right as I was grooving with a particular stylist they up and changed her on me and this box was a complete dud. Nothing I liked. So I lost $20 because they decided to switch them on me. Ugh. I cancelled my membership after that.

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