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I know this is a topic I talk about often, but I’ve been thinking about it again so here I am. The reread. I get a lot of weird looks and comments when I say I’m rereading a book. Some people just don’t get the reread and that is totally fine, but I personally love nothing more than reading a book I know and love. I even figured out a way to make these rereads count on Goodreads (post can be found HERE). And this year I have reread 8 books (9 last year). Because of this I figured I would get to sharing some of the reactions I get and my answers to said reaction:

  • You’re reading that book again?Why yes, I am reading that book again. Thank you kindly for noticing. It’s a favorite of mine so I like to read it when the mood strikes.
  • Why would you waste your time reading a book you already read?I don’t think of it as wasting my time. I look at it as hanging out with an old friend.
  • But you have so many new books. Don’t you want to read those instead?Well I have a lot of new shoes, but I keep wearing this pair. You know why? Sometimes I just don’t like to break them in. It takes time to make them comfortable. This book…already comfortable.
  • I don’t get it. You know what is going to happen though. Why bother?You knew what would happen when you watched Titanic and yet you still watched it and loved it.
  • Didn’t you just read a new book that blew you away? Why wouldn’t you want to do that again?That is actually why I’m rereading this one. This is my pallet cleanser, the book that will help with my hangover from that fantastic book (which I will end up rereading and continue on with the vicious cycle).

So yes, I’m a rereader and happy to do it. Actually I’m reading Anna and the French Kiss right now. Yup, I have read it before (12 other times to be exact). Yes I know what will happen. No, I don’t want to read anything else. 🙂

Now tell me, what are your thoughts on rereading? Do you prefer the comfortable shoe or do you want to constantly break a pair in? Talk to me!



5 responses to “Talking About…(6)

  1. Great post! I like rereading, but I’m terrible at it. My internal dialogue is basically all of the questions above lol. I psych myself out of doing it, but also I tend to skip around when I am rereading a book I really like. Not sure that even counts as a reread!

  2. I love re-reading. It always stuns me that some people just don’t do it. It’s like revisiting a great friend. Comfortable and happymaking.

  3. I LOVE rereading, with one exception- mysteries. Everything else is just like you said- comfortable! Sometimes there will be a scene playing out in my head, or I’ll dream about a scene and then realize it’s from a book I’ve read before. I always try to reread them after that! It’s like your body’s way of saying that it NEEDS that book right now! 🙂

  4. I do enjoy a reread! I like to think of the books I read again as comfort reads. They’re reliable, and even though I know exactly how things play out, there’s a comfort in knowing that really works for me when I’m in just the right mood.

    Also, I love rereading the previous books in a series whenever I can. It makes me feel super immersed in the world and I get to recall details or plot points I may have forgotten about!

  5. I don’t reread that much, but I do sometimes. To me the appeal of rereading is that I get to notice all the foreshadowing and details and depth that I didn’t notice the first time because I didn’t know to look for it and because I was busy trying to keep up with the story and characters. And it’s also just nice rereading favorites because they are comfortable, and those characters are like family because you know them so well and love them. But wow, 12 times! I’ve never read a book more than twice than I can recall, but I actually will be changing that next year. I’m already looking forward to what is becoming my annual reread of my favorite series lol.

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