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The past couple of years I have been in a Fantasy Football group and in the off season we talk a lot of books. Over the course of these two years I have learned that my friends have yet to  read some of my all time favorite books and it makes me die a little on the inside when they tell me this or I see it on Goodreads.

When talking to one of the girls about today’s TTT being a freebie it came to me, the perfect topic, Books Some Friends Need to Read. I swear it is my goal to get them to read these gems and I will succeed.

Lindsay – She has yet to read All in Pieces and it kills me just a little bit every time I realize it. In all fairness she is pretty good at reading what I tell her to, when I tell her, but she has alluded me with this one and I’m not going to stand for it much longer.

Danielle – I constantly bug her to read Parallel but she has yet to cave. She loved Lauren Miller’s over book, Free to Fall, but she worries about this with a triangle like quality that I assure her isn’t a bug deal. I will win this battle some day. I know I will.

Mary – I recently learned that Mary, a massive A Court of Thorns and Roses fan, has yet to read the Throne of Glass series. She “claims” she will read them all after the final book is out this year but I may have to hound her a little to make sure.

Tonya – I just learned yesterday that Tonya has yet to read Sarah Ockler’s take on The Little Mermaid, The Summer of Chasing Mermaids, and it hurt my heart. This book was so great and I really think she would enjoy it.

Ellice – Talking about ALA, Ellice informed me that she hasn’t read Suzanne Young’s series, The Program. GAH this hurts. EVERYONE needs to read The Program. It is such a great, twisty tale through a fantastic world that Young created. Yup, I’ll be bugging her now that I know this.

Lauren – Travesty. It is a travesty that Lauren hasn’t read Finnikin of the Rock. In fairness I almost didn’t either and I wasn’t in love with Finnikin (3 stars) but the other two books in the series are so worth it. I think she needs to dive right in.

Isalys – I don’t know why I’m letting her get away with this. She needs to read my favorite Sarah Ockler book, Twenty Boy Summer, and she needs to do it soon. I’ll talk to her about this situation the next time I see her (soon I hope).

Sarah – I admit that she usually listens to my suggestions. But for some reason I saw yesterday that she hasn’t read one of my favorites from last year, The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love. She’s gonna need to get on that. The role New York plays in the book is alone worth the read.

Jess and Morgan – I don’t know how both of these co-bloggers managed to get out of my grasp when I did a massive push for The Distance from A to Z last year, but they are in my sights now. READ READ READ.

Wendy – This one really really really hurts. It hurts so much that I was mean enough to post a football gif that was not nice to Wendy and her team. But come on, you have to read my favorite book Anna and the French Kiss. How are we even friends if you haven’t read my book? I will win this war even if I have to play dirty.

And there you have it, books I think my friends need to read.

What books do you think your friends should read? Do you still need to read this (I will make you all read Anna if it is the last thing I do!)?

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11 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday – Books Some Friends Need to Read

  1. Commish

    I WILL read All in Pieces soon. I just have to be in the mood for it. At least I’m not Whendy who hasn’t read anna!

  2. Love this topic! Getting a friend to read a book that you love can be such a struggle sometimes – but it is so much fun to share! I haven’t read any of these yet, but Anna and the French Kiss is at the top of my YA need to reads.

  3. Tonya

    AH, I KNOW I need to read The Summer of Chasing Mermaids! I think I would really love it.

    Also, Anna is the only book you mention that I’ve read. >.<

  4. That awkward moment when you haven’t read five books on this list. I was sure Finnikin would be my pick! And yes, I’m reading TOG this year, but I’ll start the series before 6 releases. I’ll read ACOWAR and TOG in May, and then probably 2 per month (except EOS is so big I’ll let it be by itself in August) until 6 comes out.

    • Yeah, so I know I said I was going to read TOG this year, but since they announced book 6 is being pushed off until next year…. it’s not going to happen until 2018.

  5. What a fun topic. Sarah J. Maas’ books are among those I *must* read in 2017 (I hear such good things about her TOG books) and I adore ‘Anna.’ Stephanie Perkins has a fabulous sense of humor, plus as a character, I love St. Clair.

  6. I love how you’re actually calling people out by name, Andi. LOL Maybe now they’ll get it in gear and read what you recommend! 🙂 I have to admit, I’m one of those who *still* has not read Anna and the French Kiss. I know, I know! But I swear, it’s going to happen this year.

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