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I see a lot of posts of people suggesting things you should buy for…fill in the blank. I always love looking at those posts but I had never done one of my own. I’m not sure why I never thought to do it before for books that I love, but that is all going to change today. This may be the first and the last, but either way I give you: Gift Guide for Fans of Anna and the French Kiss:


Anna, Lola, and Isla Mini 4×4 Handpainted Canvases Fanart Made to Order

I have a set of these fabulous paintings thanks to a lovely friend that sent them to me. They are perfect depictions of the Anna/Lola/Isla covers in a mini size. Currently mine are in my bedroom and the make me happy just seeing them.

Magnetic Bookmarks • Love Stories

Sadly this shop is on vacation until May 22nd, but this bookmarks inspired by Stephanie Perkins’ books are so stinking cute! As soon as they were available I scooped them right up. Definitely worth the wait until the shop reopens.

Relaxed Graphic Curved-Hem Tee for Women

How can I have a gift buying list without some kind of Paris tee-shirt? I personally have the navy one with the heart and Eiffel Tower on it, but if they had this one when I bought mine I probably would have gotten both.

Framed Art Print Scoop Black MINI

This is by far my favorite quote in Anna and the French Kiss. I have this print on a tank top and on my wall in my crafty space. There is something about it that just describes the vibe and tone of the book that is just so perfect.

Hot Pink Metal Eiffel Tower Decor

I’m not sure why you would need this, but I know I want it. It’s pink and an Eiffel Tower. It is basically the perfect thing to remind you of Anna since it matches the cover. Also would look great on the shelf with my Anna collection.

LEGO Architecture 21019 The Eiffel Tower

A friend got me this last year for Christmas and had such a great time putting it together. It was not as easy as I thought (I’m typically not a directions girl) but when it was all done it was worth it.

A Box of Macarons

Is there anything more French than a macaron? Okay, there probably is, but whatever. There is a scene in Anna where she and Meredith go and buy macarons. Never doubt the power of a food mention in a book to make a fan happy.

Do you have any gift suggestions for an Anna and the French Kiss fan? You know me, I always love to add to my collection of things.


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