Book Three: The Program Readalong {2 giveaways}

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Welcome to the third book check in for my Readalong of The Program series! Hopefully by now you have finished reading The Remedy (probably my favorite in the whole series) and have started on to book four, The Epidemic. You have until April 15th to get to know how closer lead to The Program and the suicide epidemic.

Since The Remedy is probably my fave of the series I was really blown away by how Suzanne connected the stories and the characters involved. She was kind enough to answer some questions for me so I could share some insight with you guys:

1) Even though The Remedy is the prequel to The Program, and is a completely different kind of story you managed to connect it to things that happened in The Program without it feeling forced. How difficult was that to do?

I’ll be honest, I didn’t intend to connect them. The Remedy was a new story about a girl who offers closure to grieving families. At the end, I wrote a few lines about how the world of The Remedy eventually lead to The Program, but in a subtle way. Sort of a nod to my readers. But the minute I reread the story… I realized how much they did connect. I contacted my publisher and we all realized how perfect it was!

And then I rewrote most of the book. But since it was a prequel, that helped keep it fresh without having too much trouble connecting the stories. Of course, it made writing the sequel—The Epidemic—extremely difficult. I had to write between two stories.

2) I know you came up for the idea for The Program by seeing a story about suicide clusters. How did you come up with the idea for The Remedy and the idea of a closer?

After my grandmother passed away, I was lost. I would have given ANYTHING for even five more minutes with her. It was that idea that lead to the concept of closers. I’d already done a lot of research on grief therapy because of The Program. The ideas came together. What if role play therapy grew more extreme? What if the person you loved could be “replaced” temporarily so that you could say all the things you needed to say? What if you could close that loop of grief?

I became obsessed with the idea of how complicated grief would make someone behave. The Remedy was born.

3) Quinlan is quite the interesting character. Without giving anything away, what was your inspiration for writing her?

Quinlan was fascinating for me to write. I loved everything about her. Her strength and her compassion, but also her vulnerability. She wanted a family. She wanted a life of her own—and to find that, she took over someone else’s. To me, the strongest part of the story is seeing her slowly lose herself in the role she’s playing. To see her love that family, and for them to love her back. It’s messed up, but you WANT her to have that life. Even if it’s not her own.

4) And because he is all sorts of imperfectly perfect, tell us a little more about my love, Deacon. You know you want to. 🙂

Deacon is exactly right for Quinlan. He’s a filthy liar; they all are. But he doesn’t play games—not intentionally. He’s obviously in love with her—desperately and stupidly in love with her—but there’s more going on. It’s about more than just them and he knows that.

He’s an excellent closer, but he doesn’t feel compassion for the families in the same way that Quinlan does. He’s argumentative, hates authority, and trusts only Quinn. He fights for her. He also breaks her heart.

He does what he thinks is right, but watching HIM get his heart broken is painful. And the payoff… well, to me the final chapter of The Remedy is worth the wait.

Those answers really shed some light on this book for me! Thank you Suzanne for taking the time to answer those. You are the best!


Giveaway for a signed copy of The Remedy ends at 11:59pm EST on April 15, 2018. It is US ONLY!

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Bonus Giveaway

If you have read The Remedy already you know that Quinlan has a Rolling Stone shirt that she becomes attached too. It is mentioned throught the book and becomes a part of who Quinn is. Well when Suzanne and I were together in DC for ApollyCon, she ran out one day and came across a shirt and purchased one for me to give away. The shirt is a size small. I think it could fit someone that is a smaller medium. This giveaway ends at 11:59pm EST on April 15, 2018. It is US ONLY!

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Reading Schedule

The Program: March 17-March 25
Post/Giveaway Day for The Program: March 26
The Treatment: March 25 – April 1
Post/Giveaway Day for The Treatment: April 2
The Remedy: April 1 – April 8
Post/Giveaway Day for The Remedy: April 9
The Epidemic: April 8 – April 15
Post/Giveaway Day for The Epidemic: April 16
The Adjustment: April 15 – April 22
Post/Giveaway Day for The Adjustment: April 23

Now tell me, what did you think of The Remedy? Hope you are enjoy this readalong!

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7 responses to “Book Three: The Program Readalong {2 giveaways}

  1. Kelsey Cooper

    The answer to number 3 is so perfect. Thats kind of how I felt the entire book – this is so messed up, but it works, and I wanted her to just be okay – I love that I wasnt the only one!

  2. Red

    I have read The Remedy. I loved it too but then again I loved this whole series. I’m so ready for the final book. I loved hearing from Suzanne. Always great to hear answers from the author. My Favorite band is Breaking Benjamin. Thank you.

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