Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Reluctantly DNFd

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I try to give every book I read a chance. I’m okay with not finishing a book, but there are certain books I really want to like/love so I try to read as much as I can. But even I have my limits and I have to DNF a book from time to time. Honestly in the 5+ years I have been blogging I only have 18 DNFs which isn’t that bad considering how many books I read. Out of those 18 though, there were 5 books that I was reluctant to stop reading but had to because my heart wasn’t in it.



From Twinkle, with Love – I’m so super sad about this. I read 41% of the book and I really, really wanted to love it. I enjoyed When Dimple Met Rishi so much so I had high hopes. Sadly Twinkle didn’t work for me. I was kind of forcing myself to read it in hopes of falling in love but it never clicked for me. I will say that I loved Sahil. He was the saving grace. It breaks my heart even thinking about this DNF.




One & Only – I made it 49% through this book, a book so many of my friends love, and I called it quits. The backstory of this book was really what killed it for me. I wasn’t crazy about it at all and got to a point that I couldn’t force myself to read it any more. On the plus I did pick up the author’s original series, Secret Society Girls, and that has been a much better experience. This one just wasn’t for me.





The Last Boy and Girl in the World – I made it about 45% through this one before calling it quits. I had read Vivian in the past and really enjoyed her stuff, but something didn’t click for me with this one. I said in my mini review that I didn’t know if I was expecting something different or what, but it wasn’t working so I threw in the towel. I do know that plenty of other people loved this one and I know that I enjoy this author. Again it just wasn’t a good fit for me.




Follow Me Back – This one I stopped earlier in, 30%. So many friends loved this book and I was excited for it. But I put it down for a week and was not into picking it back up which is not like me. I was pretty bored reading it and just had no interest in the long run. I thought about maybe going back and trying again, but I just don’t think this is my kind of book when it comes down to it.





The Harry Potter series – I made it all the way through book 4. I was liking it up it wasn’t feeling the love. I tried book 5 and after an hour of listening to the audio I came to the realization that the series wasn’t for me. It was really hard to stop because of the love I know people have for this special series, but it wasn’t my thing. I often wonder if it would have been my thing if I read them with everyone else. Guess I will never know.






What books have you reluctantly DNFd? Have you stopped reading any of the above?

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4 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Reluctantly DNFd

  1. Eve

    I love the HP books for sure but I can understand that others might not. I’m sorry they weren’t for you but hey you gave them a fair shake! Not familiar with the others.

  2. I am not surprised about HP. I adore the series–it will forever be my favourite–but I have seen quite a few people say something similar about OOTP. I am bummed about From Twinkle, though! I’m a little nervous about checking it out now.

  3. Jen

    I think I’m the last person to not have read Harry Potter. I was going to give it a try, and read it out loud when my littles are older. But I’m not huge on MG books, so we’ll see. I’m sorry that it ended up not being for you.

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