The Anatomy of a TBR Cart

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There is no denying the world is a weird place right now. A lot of us are stuck at home trying to work, trying not to look at the news too much, trying to read, trying to just be busy. It is an odd state for a lot of us. I’m having a hard time myself since being home is not my norm. But one thing that has brought me joy is my new TBR cart.  I know TBR carts were all the rage for a while and I’m late to the party. Either way I joined the party and that is all that matters. That and how I curated mine.

The Cart

Lexington  || Made by Design || Gold Wire Antonia || Raskog

First and foremost to have a TBR cart, you need to pick a cart. There are a lot of them out there to pick from. I have been a fan of the IKEA Raskog cart for a while and have a few in my house. My TBR cart is currently a Raskog in a teal color. The cart you pick all depends on your style and what you would like to be a part of your home decor. The sizes and shapes will vary so pick one that fits your needs.

The Accessories

Bubble Mailers || Cart Containers || Magazine Sorter || Magazine Holder

Besides books, I will get to that, there are things you can add to your TBR cart to help with it’s function. I know personally I lend out a bunch of books and do giveaways so I always have some larger bubble mailers on hand to make this an easier task. The pack I have fits perfectly on one of my shelves. Also if you have a Kindle or Nook or some kind of eReaders and sleeves for your books, a magazine sorter or rack may be a good edition. I happened to have a basket on hand so that is what I am currently using but I like the idea of a magazine sorter even more. And finally this containers are nice to hook on the side of your cart to hold book marks and cords you may need for your reading devices.

The Decorations

Fake Peonies || Ceramic Vase || Variety of Flowers

Another way to jazz up your cart, add some fake flowers. Fake flowers can add a spot of brightness to your cart and can help when taking photos. They add a level of pizazz and can easily be changed out. Another useful item is a large empty vase. I currently am using one to store all of my book marks (I have a book mark problem) and it is a nice fit on my cart. It also works as a book end to hold up my books and keep my cart nice and tidy.

The Books

The book section on your TBR cart is the personal part of your cart. Obviously it should be filled with books you want to read in the near future but that is really all there is for guidelines. Since I do a monthly TBR list I made sure mine has those books I plan to read on the cart, but I also have other books I have been meaning to read mixed in. When I make my April list I will use my cart to help narrow down my list. I recommend maybe using categories (the above are examples) to narrow down your selection.


And there you have it, The Anatomy of a TBR Cart.

Do you have one currently? What’s on yours?

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