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Briefly Romantic (8)How Sweet It Is by Dylan Newton
Published by Forever
Published: July 13, 2021
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Event planner Kate Sweet is famous for creating the perfect happily-ever-after moment for her clients’ dream weddings. So how is it that her best friend has roped her into planning a bestselling horror writer’s book launch extravaganza? But the second Kate meets—or rather, accidentally maims—the drop-dead-hot Drake Matthews, her well-ordered life quickly transforms into an absolute nightmare.

Drake Matthews is tired of the spotlight and tired of his reputation as the Knight of Nightmares. He's really a nice guy! But he’s not prepared for Kate, a fearless agent of chaos in steel-tipped stilettos, or for that sweet sting of attraction he feels for her. She’s inspiring him to take his writing in a whole new direction—one that no one expects. Because now Kate and Drake are changing up the rules, and this plot twist might just surprise everyone . . . including themselves.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

First and foremost, How Sweet It Is was a super fun read. It had all of the elements I love in a romance like the quirky meet cute, the misunderstandings, the adorableness. Drake and Kate had such a solid chemistry I yearned for more of them. They played off each other really well and it made reading their story a fun time. I also loved the awkward situations they both kept getting into with the other. It added a fun lightness to their story and was woven in really well with the plot. With that said I didn’t love how quickly some of the things went at the end of the book. It felt a tad rushed and I felt like I was trying to catch up. But even will all of that I really enjoyed the journey Newton took us on. Definitely add How Sweet It Is to your TBR. Be prepared though, there is a lot of cupcake talk. You have been warned.

Briefly Romantic (8)Isn't It Bromantic? by Lyssa Kay Adams
Series: Bromance Book Club #4
Published by Berkley Books
Published: July 20, 2021
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With his passion for romance novels, it was only a matter of time before Vlad took up the pen to write a novel the Bromance Book Club would swoon over.

Elena Konnikova has lived her entire adult life in the shadows. As the daughter of a Russian journalist who mysteriously disappeared after speaking out against government corruption, she escaped danger the only way she knew how. She agreed to marry her childhood friend, Vladimir, and move to the United States, where he is a professional hockey player in Nashville.

Vlad, aka The Russian, thought he could be content with his marriage of convenience. But after four years, it's become too difficult to continue in a one-sided relationship. He joined the Bromance Book Club to learn how to make his wife love him, but all he's learned is that he deserves more. He's ready to create his own sweeping romance--both on and off the page.

The Bros are unwilling to let Vlad forgo true love--and this time they're not operating solo. They join forces with Vlad's senior citizen neighbors, a group of meddling widows who call themselves The Loners. Just when things finally look promising, the danger from Elena's past life intrudes, and the book club will face their first-ever life-or-death grand gesture as they race to a happy ever after.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

I loved Vlad and Elena’s story in Isn’t it Bromantic. I wasn’t always sold on Vlad in the other Bromance books, but seeing him with Elena and their chemistry I was hooked. Vlad was different than I first thought. He was actually really sweet and caring and just wanted to make Elena happy and to feel loved. For that reason alone I would read Bromantic again. Seriously 10/10 for all the Vlad and Elena. But what I wouldn’t read it again for was the end.  This book was well on its way to a solid 4 stars and then the last like 15-ish% killed it for me. It just didn’t work for me and felt like it was out of place in the whole series. It might feel weird for me to say I would 100% recommend this, since I am only giving it 3.5 stars, but I would just for Vlad and Elena alone. Just be warned the end was a little hokey and you’ll be good to go.

Briefly Romantic (8)Out of Character by Annabeth Albert
Series: True Colors #2
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca
Published: July 6, 2021
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Jasper Quigley is tired of being everyone's favorite sidekick. He wants to become the hero of his own life, but that's not going to happen if he agrees to help out his former best friend turned king of the jocks, Milo Lionetti. High school was miserable enough, thanks, and Jasper has no interest in dredging up painful memories of his old secret crush.

But Milo's got nowhere else to go. His life is spiraling out of control and he's looking to turn things back around. Step one? Replace the rare Odyssey cards he lost in an idiotic bet. Step two? Tell his ex-best-friend exactly how he feels—how he's always felt.

Jasper may be reluctant to reopen old wounds, but he never could resist Milo. There's a catch, though: if Milo wants his help, he's going to have to pitch in to make the upcoming children's hospital charity ball the best ever. But as the two don cosplay for the kids and hunt for rare cards, nostalgia for their lost friendship may turn into something even more lasting...

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

I was really excited for Out of Character after reading Conventionally Yours. I was really surprised how much I enjoyed that book since card games like Odyssey are not my thing. But I found the boys and their friends charming and endearing and I actually loved the card aspect. With that said, I didn’t find that same love in Out of Character. For some reason I wasn’t endeared to this story and these boys. I mean Jasper and Milo were fine and their journey was solid but it didn’t have the same draw as book one. It was good, but not something I would remember and go for again. I liked it, but didn’t love it.

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