Review: Forging Silver into Stars – Brigid Kemmerer

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Review: Forging Silver into Stars – Brigid KemmererForging Silver into Stars by Brigid Kemmerer
Series: Forging Silver into Stars #1
Published by Bloomsbury YA
Published: June 7, 2022
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When ancient magic tests a newfound love, a dark fate beckons . . .

Magic has been banished in the land of Syhl Shallow for as long as best friends Jax and Callyn can remember. They once loved the stories of the powerful magesmiths and mythical scravers who could conjure fire or control ice, but now they’ve learned that magic only leads to danger: magic is what killed Callyn’s parents, leaving her alone to raise her younger sister. Magic never helped Jax, whose leg was crushed in an accident that his father has been punishing him for ever since. Magic won’t save either of them when the tax collector comes calling, threatening to take their homes if they can't pay what they owe.

Meanwhile, Jax and Callyn are astonished to learn magic has returned to Syhl Shallow -- in the form of a magesmith who's now married to their queen. Now, the people of Syhl Shallow are expected to allow dangerous magic in their midst, and no one is happy about it.

When a stranger rides into town offering Jax and Callyn silver in exchange for holding secret messages for an anti-magic faction, the choice is obvious -- even if it means they may be aiding in a plot to destroy their new king. It’s a risk they’re both willing to take. That is, until another visitor arrives: handsome Lord Tycho, the King’s Courier, the man who’s been tasked with discovering who’s conspiring against the throne.

Suddenly, Jax and Callyn find themselves embroiled in a world of shifting alliances, dangerous flirtations, and ancient magic . . . where even the deepest loyalties will be tested.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

In March of 2018 I was able to read a bounded copy of Brigid Kemmerer’s book A Curse So Dark and Lonely so I could give a blogger blurb. I had previously been in love with Brigid’s contemporary books so I was really excited to see what she did with fantasy. She blew me away with the story she gave us and the characters we got to know and love. The world she built was stunning and enthralling. So when I heard Forging Silver into Stars was an expansion of that world with Tycho being a main character I was 1000% in and Brigid did not disappoint.

As I mentioned, Forging Silver into Stars is the story of Tycho, a character readers got to know and love in A Heart so Fierce and Broken, Jax and Callyn. Jax and Callyn are are best friends that live in Syhl Shallow where magic has been forbidden for as long as they two of them remember. The two of them were once fascinated by magic but have since learned what the dangers are that comes with it. But when magic returns to Syhl Shallow thanks to the magsmith that married their queen they are concerned. They are so concerned they start to help pass messages for the rebels which will give them enough money to survive. But when Tycho, the King’s Courier, comes around trying to find who is working against the crown everything changes. What once made sense to Jax and Callyn isn’t as black and white. There is more grey than they could ever imagine and they both need to decide what side is the side to be on.

Honestly, there is just something I love about a Brigid Kemmerer book! She tells such an intriguing story and it was no different with Forging Stars into Silver. She took everything we knew and loved about the Cursebreaker series and made it into something new and exciting. Tycho was a character I loved and that love just grew. He struggle a lot in this book with where he fit and who he was and I loved that for him because it showed he was growing and changing and becoming the man everyone knew he could be. I also LOVED his relationship with Jax, who I love beyond measure. The two of them were go good together in everything they did whether it was friendship or shy glances or training. It was all just so good. I think the only reason I didn’t rate this read higher is Callyn. I liked her enough, but her story just didn’t hit me the way Jax and Tycho did.

Once again Brigid delivered a book with danger and intrigue and heart. Forging Silver into Stars, the start of a new series, was the perfect bridge between Emberfall and Syhl Shallow and the characters we knew and love and new people that have entered our reading hearts. This is a book you definitely don’t want to sleep on. Add it to you TBR.

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  1. Danielle Hammelef

    It took me a while to read A Curse so Dark and Lonely and its sequels, but I was able to binge them and loved them so much. I will be reading everything this author writes.

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