2023…The Year That Got Away

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I had grand plans in 2023. It’s was the 10th anniversary if Andi’s ABCs. I was crushing my Netgalley goal to keep my numbers down. I was excited for so many books that were releasing. So what happened? Why have I not posted anything new since July? Truthfully it was a series of things that all added up to me reading 26 books, probably 27 by the time this posts, for the year adn getting wrapped up in other interests and just life and general.

So here is what happened to me in 2023:


As I mentioned I fell in love with Korean Dramas in 2022 and that love has continued to consume my free time. I was once a person that thought I could never watch a show in a language I don’t understand and read subtitles. I thought I would miss stuff and get lost and not be able to focus. I have found in the last almost 2 years that that is not the case. I actually enjoy watching while reading subtitles. It is so much better for me as I can;t get distracted with my phone or my iPad. I have to focus on the show and read the words. Because of this enjoyment I have spent less time reading books and more time reading subtitles.

Here are a few of my favorite shows I watched in 2023:

Twinkling Watermelon || A Time Called You || King the Land || The Good Bad Mother || Tale of Nine Tailed 1938

If you want to keep up with my kdrama watching journey make sure you follow me on Instagram and on My Drama List.

Yup, it happened. 2023 is the year that broke me and I became a BTS fan. It happened naturally. My friend is a fan and went to their Las Vegas show in 2022. I would meet her for dinner and she would talk about them and I would listen. I had known who RM was and I had learned in 2022 that a song I loved from a kdrama was by V from BTS (I was floored when I put this together). Anyway I would watch videos here and there that my friend would recommend to me and then one day I found myself watching the James Cordon Carpool Karaoke. I took a screen shot and said, to Kim, “I know RM and V and Jimin (I had recently learned who he was because he was releasing his solo album) but what are the rest of their names?”. That was it. I was done for. There was no turning back and now their music brings me joy. And watching their videos brings me joy. I went from having BTS muted on social media to actively searching for them and you know what? I’m not sorry about it at all. I can;t wait until they come back in 2025 and I can fight the masses to hopefully see them preform live.

Here is my BTS playlist that has some of my favorite songs by them as a group and solo artists:

Probably the most time consuming part of 2023 was my moving. After 44 years living in Boston I moved out of the city to a condo. I had been living in my old apartment for 20 years so to say it was hard to clean and pack and get rid of stuff was an understatement. 20 years of stuff is really no joke and shows just how easy it is to accumulate crap you don’t need. But it was also great to get rid of stuff I never needed and will never need. It’s been 2 1/2 months since the move and I love it but it is certainly different. But I am very happy in my new place and that is all that matters. I honestly never thought I would be a home owner and here I am.

And in a nutshell that is what happened to my 2023. It was the year that got away in terms of reading but I think I gained some stuff instead.

How was your 2023?

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