The ABCs Character Edition


I’m sure you have heard of my ABCs guest post by now. For a little under a year I have been inviting bloggers, publisher, authors and readers to select an accessory, book and clothing item they are lusting after and sending me a picture and a brief write up about why they want those items. I’ve been thinking it would be fun if any authors would want to do the same thing for one of their main characters or maybe a upcoming main character.

What signing-up means is that you will receive an email with your assigned date giving you ample time to pick your items. In return I will get an email from you with your 3 items, one accessory, one book item (an actual book or something book related), and one piece of clothing, you would think your character would want, would buy or would maybe even have. In this email you will need to include pictures and links for each item and the character and book it is for.The description of the items can be from the author’s POV or the character. It is entirely up to you. The email will have more explanation and you are welcome to check other ABC posts for examples.

I’m testing this out so I will work any sign-ups in with the other ABCs unless I get a lot of response. If that is the case then I will find a day to dedicate this ABCs.

If you are interested please fill out the form below to sign-up. And if you want to do one for yourself, the original ABCs is always ready and waiting for you!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email, Twitter, or Facebook.