The ABCs Guest Post Edition


The ABCs is an idea I came up with that allows people to show case an accessory, book and clothing item of their choice that they are currently lusting after. It is a way for guest posters to showcase their style and interests. You can sign-up on the form below if you are interested. What signing-up means is that you will receive an email with your assigned date giving you ample time to pick your items. In return I will get an email from you with your 3 items, one accessory, one book item (an actual book or something book related), and one piece of clothing, you would like to own, are lusting over, will be buying soon. In this email you will need to include pictures and links. The email will have more explanation and you are welcome to check other ABC posts for examples. All are welcome to sign up. Bloggers, readers, publicists and authors have all taken part in the ABCs. You can even sign-up for a second go around if you enjoyed the first.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email, Twitter, or Facebook.

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