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Andi’s ABCs Turns 10 – Giveaway

Andi’s ABCs Turns 10 ..

Hard to believe I wrote my first blog post 10 years ago today (Today is the date I hit publish but I have been celebrating for a week because there was a week of work that went into the blog first. HA). Technically I was blogging before starting here (I was a co-blogger with a friend), but my first official, solo post happened right HERE. It wasn’t much then, sometimes still isn’t much now, but I never saw it going for 10 years when I started yet here we are. It was a slow start. I had some connections from […]

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Andi’s ABCs Turns 10 – A Decade of Reads

Andi’s ABCs Turns 10 ..

If you have been a follower of this blog for a while you know that I love a good reread. I have reread Anna and the French Kiss and I’ll Meet You There at least once a year, sometimes more. I know there are millions of books out there that are new and that I could be reading but I find comfort in rereading. Since Andi’s ABCs is turning 10 in a week I thought it would be the perfect time to reread some of my top reads over the last 10 years with 2 that I read pre-blog. Now […]

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Review: Drake – Sawyer Bennett

Review: Drake – Sawyer B..

When I saw that Drake was getting a book and that the Titans owner was going to be the love interest I was immediately excited for it. Those kind of hockey stories have always been some of my favorite and I can say with confidence that Sawyer Bennet did not disappoint. Drake and Brienne’s story was really enjoyable. It wasn’t my favorite of the series, but I really liked a lot of it. Drake is the story of Drake and Brienne. Once upon a time Drake was a player in the NHL, that is until they turned their backs on […]

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Monthly TBR – January 2023/December 2022 Wrap-Up

Monthly TBR – January 20..

It’s hard to believe I started doing these monthly TBR lists in 2019 and they have somehow stuck for this long. I’m not sure why they have become somewhat successful for me, but I’m sticking to it and seeing how it goes in 2023. So again my month of reading didn’t go as planned but what can you do. I missed my reading goal for the year by 6 books but that’s how life goes, you don’t always make your goals, but you make do with what you get done. I have to say that The Prince and the Apocalypse […]

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Monthly TBR – Netgalley November Wrap/December2022

Monthly TBR – Netgalley ..

New year, new TBR list look. I have tweaked my list some from last year. I stuck with the 12 book format and the one TBD spot, but I have added in a ReRead and a Kindle Unlimited space (if you want to see why, go to this posts HERE). Like last year, this isn’t a set in stone list and I will freely move away from it, but it is a loose plan.     It is safe to say that my November reading was just terrible. I only finished 4 books which is so very unlike me. I […]

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