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Monopoly Money Monday and a Vote

Monopoly Money Monday and a Vo..

Welcome to another installment of Monopoly Money Monday. This Monday I am going to spend my fake $100.00(okay, a tad over) on books. Well Pre-Order books from Amazon that is. It’s funny because you would think it would be easy to buy 100 bucks worth of books but it’s actually really hard. Not hard to pick out the books, but to narrow it down to just $100. But after much struggle I narrowed it down to 9 books** that come out over the next couple of months. Now under no circumstance is this list in any order or the only […]

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Second Chance Sunday – Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally

Second Chance Sunday – C..

In honor of Super Bowl Sunday Second Chance Sunday is brought to you by: To say I was excited for this book is an understatement. A book about football and cute boys? Sign me up. I mean how could you go wrong with two of my favorite things! And Kenneally didn’t let me down. She took what could have been a typical story of finding out what you wanted may not be what you need and made it into more than that. Jordan is a funny, sassy, tough QB of her high school football team. She has the respect of […]

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February Wish List

February Wish List

Starting this month I am going to create a wish list of the items I am hopeful to find and buy. It’s important to know exactly what you are looking for so you don’t head blindly into a store and end up buying everything in site(which I may or may not have been guilty of in the past). This month I’m looking to get 6 pieces for my wardrobe/book shelf/accessory &shoe pile. 1) Animal print Skinny Jeans: I truly heart these ones from Old Navy. They currently have my size online and the price is right, but I question if […]

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January Shopping

January Shopping

And this begins my monthly shopping posts. Every month I will show you what I have purchased and roughly what I have spent on those purchases. Some months will be higher than others and some months will have mostly nothing(highly unlikely knowing me). The purpose of this post, which I have seen on a lot of blogs, is a way for me to see just what I am spending and for you to see how you can spend on some sort of a budget.  The Clothes Gap and Old Navy were having a sale earlier this month and when Gap […]

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Michael Kors Hamilton Bag Shopping Experience

Michael Kors Hamilton Bag Shop..

Well if you have been paying the least bit of attention to me or my blog then you know I bought the Michael Kors Hamilton bag and am in love. We are generally exclusive these days and I couldn’t be happier. But what made this expensive purchase(this is the most expensive bag I own until I can afford the $2000.00 Prada Saffiano Lux Double-Zip Tote I want) all the more worth it was the service I got at the Michael Kors store. I knew as soon as I walked into the store what I wanted. I had seen the bag […]

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