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Day #15 – Book Blogging Mentors

Day #15 – Book Blogging ..

To answer who my book blogging mentors are all you have to do is look at my blogging BFFs from Day #3. That basically sums up all the people that I look at for ideas and support. Michelle taught me everything I know so whether she is blogging or not, she gets a shout out every time. But instead of repeating myself with my mentors, you can just look at the post, I am going to use this post to tell you about the three blogs that I aspire to be like someday. They mentor me in a different way […]

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Day #14: Reading Deal Breakers

Day #14: Reading Deal Breakers

This is actually a fun post because there are a few things that are deal breakers for me. Not some much that I’ll stop reading, as I usually like to finish a book. But more on the lines of I really can’t believe I’m reading this deal breakers. Stuff that is so annoying/absurd that I find myself rolling my eyes more than should be humanly possible. What are these deal breakers you ask? That’s funny, I was just about to tell you. 😉 Poorly written book. I can’t stand a book that is so poorly written that you start to […]

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Day #13: Underappreciated Book

Day #13: Underappreciated Book

I do a lot of book recommendations. You know this if we are friends on Goodreads. I love to read a good book and suggest it to others and hope they like it too. Now a lot of those books are “mainstream books” like Pivot Point, Divergent, Delirium, Anna and the French Kiss, Second Chance Summer. They are books that most, if not all YA readers and book bloggers alike have already read. Now an underappreciated book, that is a little harder to recommend. I mean what is the definition of underappreciated? That is really the key to this post. […]

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Day #12: Fighting Blogging Fatigue

Day #12: Fighting Blogging Fat..

Blogging fatigue is definitely not a myth. Sometimes it is just hard to come up with ideas or to want to write a review or to even have the time to do any of the above. My blog is newish and I have already had the fatigue more than once. Sometimes it comes on because of the weather, sometimes it’s the books I read, sometimes it’s the lack of comments of certain posts. It is a hard thing to fight off, but it is possible to do. And how you ask? Easy, you talk to people. You chat over email […]

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Day #11: 5 Best Blog Posts

Day #11: 5 Best Blog Posts

I find today’s challenge to be well, a challenge. Five of my best blog posts? What does that mean? Posts that have had the most views? Posts that have had the most comments? It’s kind of vague. So what I’m going to do since my little blog isn’t all that old, still a baby really, I’m going to show you the 5 posts I’m proud of myself whether a lot of people liked them or not. 1) Anna and the French Kiss Review – I loved being creative and dressing Anna in this post. It made the review stand out […]

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