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Day #10: Choosing Your Next Book

Day #10: Choosing Your Next Bo..

Choosing your next book is a lot more difficult then one would think. It seems simple enough to just grab something off the shelf and get on with it. There are a few problems with that. One, if you just read a fantastic book, you can’t jump into something else you are super excited. That could lead to disappointment. And the same can be said for a book you weren’t crazy about. Then there are the books you take out of the library that have to be returned. You have to read those over a certain amount of time. Then […]

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Day #9: Why I Blog About Books

Day #9: Why I Blog About Books

Why I blog about books? That’s a tough one because I don’t really feel like I blog about books so much as write reviews and do an occasional giveaway. I haven’t done a book cover reveal (although I was just recently asked to do my first) or been asked to read something that I didn’t pick on my own. I don’t get books sent to me from the big publishers like other bloggers do or do author interviews. Basically I have trouble sometimes thinking of myself as a book blogger. But the truth is, I love to read and I […]

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Day #8: 15 Appealing Bloggy Things

Day #8: 15 Appealing Bloggy Th..

15 Bloggy Appeals Design. I love when a good blog has an amazing design. The blogger. A good blogger is really important in keeping me interested. Easy navigation. I don’t want to jump through hoops to look at your posts. Content. Content is key. It has to be something I’m interested in or like to want to follow/return. Update frequency. A dormant blog is not a friendly blog. Coloring. It’s a simple thing, but the right colors used really can draw a person it. Style. The blogger’s style is important especially when reading a post. If they do something creative […]

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Day #7: Blogging Quirks

Day #7: Blogging Quirks

Organization. That is my one and only blogging quirk that I really have. I have to have my printed out calender where I can pencil in the posts I want to do, pen them when they are done, and have a layout of what I’m doing. I need to have lists and plans when I blog or I would never get anything done and it would be one big jumbled mess(I’m hoping that it isn’t. Please tell me it isn’t!). Just like my Goodread shelves I need order and these tools help me to get that. It’s entirely possible that […]

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Day #6: Book Shopping

Day #6: Book Shopping

*personally purchased at one point Physical Books I don’t think I really have a certain way I shop for books. Usually I have a rough idea as to how many books I can logically get. I try not to go over 3, but I will admit that it is hard when you see all the pretty in person. When I have the number figured out I go to Goodreads and get a game plan together for what I really want, have to have. If there are new books that have come out, I’m all over it. Actually I usually go […]

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