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Andi’s AB”Sees” the World – Jennifer

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Books I Would Take on Vacation This Summer Now that I’m back full time in the library world, it’s almost impossible to take a vacation during the summer because of the Summer Reading Programs. But I do love the idea of sitting by the pool and reading. Plus one of the best parts about going on vacation is planning the books you’re going to take with you. I always plan way too many books, but if I’m sitting by the pool all week reading, I’d finish quite a few books. So this summer, I’m imagining that I’m heading off for […]

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Andi’s AB”Sees” the World – Mariam

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Don’t you love a book that will take you on an adventure? Because I sure do. I love reading about new places, meeting new people and just having a good time with great characters. And thankfully, there are authors that have written books that have been such a joy to read with great adventures. (Whether it be emotionally, through a road trip or just a fast-paced book!) Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys – This book follows 4 people during World War 2. Their paths end up coming together and this book was just fantastic. It’s about the tragedy […]

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Andi’s AB”Sees” the World – Allison

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Hello all! I’m Allison from A Traveling Book. I decided that for my travel themed post I would do a destination post. I reread a favorite book of mine (Anna and the French Kiss) and wrote down all the places that Anna visited in Paris, France. I would really love to visit Paris and follow Anna’s (and Etienne’s) footsteps. I hope you all enjoy! The Latin Quarter (75005 Paris, France) “My new neighborhood is the Latin Quarter, or the fifth arrondissement” (19). I have been to the Latin Quarter and it’s tons of fun! I loved walking around and looking […]

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Andi’s AB”Sees” the World – Sue

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Cruising the Alaska Inside Passage by Suzanne (@nygal33) One of the most scenic cruises I’ve taken(I’ve been on 7 different cruises) is an Alaska cruise.  Most people are afraid that the weather will be freezing cold and rainy but that’s not the case.  Three years ago one of my girlfriends was planning on visiting family in Seattle so we decided to take an Alaska Cruise.There are a few cruise lines that sail the Inside Passage in Alaska but only two of them(Princess and Holland America) go to Glacier Bay National Park which is supposed to be one of the most […]

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Andi’s AB”Sees” the World – Lauren

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I complain a lot about living in Connecticut. There’s not much to do on a daily basis and all of the nearby towns (including the one where I grew up) is just farmland everywhere. Our capital city – Hartford – is best known for scary, not great city statistics instead of the ones I’d like to see. I usually avoid it like the plague. My boyfriend and I are always wondering what to do on the weekend and we ache for faraway places that just aren’t here. However, there are some perks to living in this boring state. The biggest […]

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