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BEA 2015 – Part 2 (Days 3, 4 and 5)

BEA 2015 – Part 2 (Days ..

  Day 3 – Thursday, May 28th I knew this day was going to be a long one before I even left for BEA. It seemed all the signings and the like were happening on the Thursday. The four of us staying at “Chateau” Belvedere got up and headed to the Javits for the firs time together. Kiki had never had Dunkin Donuts so Gail and I made it our duty to show her what she was missing. After a brief detour there for coffee and tea we headed off to once again wait in line for the doors to […]

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BEA 2015 – Part 1 (Days 1 and 2)

BEA 2015 – Part 1 (Days ..

Day 1 – Tuesday, May 26th I went to BEA a day earlier this year for some reason. When booking my trip I thought it made sense to have an extra day (believe me it did). So I started my day by getting up and wearing the most book worthy item a book nerd can have, my Anna and the French Kiss tank created by the amazing Gillian (Writer of Wrongs) and on sale HERE. I collected all my bags and headed to the train station where I met Lauren (Love is Not a Triangle). We got our Dunkin Donuts […]

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Top Ten Tuesday – Most Anticipated Books 2015 aka BEA 2015 Book Haul

Top Ten Tuesday – Most A..

Today’s prompt kind of  came at the perfect time: Most Anticipated Books 2015. I just  got back from BEA about a week and change ago and I have a ton of books that are coming out in the next part of 2015 that I’m really excited for. So instead of just doing a Top Ten Tuesday I am going to merge the two and give you my BEA haul and then narrow it down to the 10 that I’m most excited for. Are you ready? Day 1   Calling Maggie May Mistborn (gave away) Tether The Hunt Never Never The […]

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BEA Recap Part 2

BEA Recap Part 2

PART ONE HERE Friday: After surviving day one of BEA (my body disagreed with this!) it was time for day two. We didn’t go to the Javits quite as early as we did on Thursday which was fine with me as I didn’t need to be there until it was around Morgan Matson signing time. My roomies and I went and had breakfast first before starting day 2. Based on my schedule I knew I was in for a long day as I had a boat load of signings I wanted to get though and I was meeting Miranda Kenneally […]

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BEA Recap Part 1

BEA Recap Part 1

As you probable know I went to my very first BEA (Book Expo America) last week. I had been interested in going for a long time, ever since I was reviewing for Michelle over at Galleysmith, but the timing was never right. Well this year with my blog being close to a year and a half old and myself getting more and more into it, I decided to save my money and make it happen. And happen it did. It was probably one of the craziest, overwhelming “vacations” I have taken and it was so much fun. Leading up to […]

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