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Review: The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Review: The Great Gatsby ̵..

I freely admit that I was a slacker when it came to reading in high school. I did the bare minimum of my summer reading, just enough to get me by. Cliff’s Notes, sorry cringing teachers everywhere, were my best friend for the books I didn’t read. But I can say with great confidence that isn’t why I never read this classic until now. The truth is, this book was never assigned to me so I never gave it a second thought until Leonardo DiCaprio was cast in the movie. And if you know me, you know one thing about […]

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Second Chance Sunday – Stealing Parker by Miranda Kenneally

Second Chance Sunday – S..

As you may have noticed I’m a Miranda Kenneally fan, both of her and her work. She really has a way about her that hit the teenage soul in all of us and it doesn’t hurt that she writes a super adorable boy. In today’s Second Chance Sunday you will find one of my favorite boys she’s written. Oh, Corndog how I miss thee! Completely head over heels in love with Corndog! Sorry, had to get that off my chest first and foremost. ♥ Now that that’s done, on to the book! I really really loved this book. As a […]

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Armchair BEA: Discussion – Keeping it Real & Young Adult Literature

Armchair BEA: Discussion ̵..

Keeping It Real I’m still very new to this blogging on my own thing. For about a year I was writing reviews for Michelle at Galleysmith, so I’m still learning the ins and out. But I will say it is hard to get an audience. My friends have been great and super supportive  but getting your name out there isn’t easy. Recently I have picked up new followers through word of mouth, twitter, and blog link-ups like Armchair BEA and Top 10 Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. But no matter how many followers I do or don’t […]

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Armchair BEA – Book Discussion:  Non-Fiction Books

Armchair BEA – Book Disc..

I’m the first to admit that I’m not a huge non-fiction book reader. Have I read them? Sure. But there is something to say about losing yourself in a fictional story whether realistic or not. I also have a hard time finding non-fiction books that I actually want to read. I think currently there are like 2 on my TBR list, Terry Francona’s book, Tina Fey’s book and Rick Springfield’s book. To Read Non-Fiction: Read Non-Fiction:   I guess part of the problem is I’m not really sure where to start with a non-fiction book. Who’s life is fascinating enough […]

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Discussion Topic: Genre Fiction – BEA Armchair

Discussion Topic: Genre Fictio..

This is kind of a broad category don’t you think? I could say that I like books that have brunette girls and  then give you list of those. Actually that would be harder since it seems red heads are HUGE in YA literature at the moment. But I digress. Really I guess I’m going to look at it as a category within a category. Like for instant you have my love, YA books. In YA you can find a variety of different groups. You have the dystopians, the contemporaries, the fantasy, and the group I like to call contemporary dystopian. […]

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