Reading and Wishing(1)

Every so often I get the itch to read about 14 books at a time. I am still in touch with reality enough to know this isn’t possible, but I usually wish it was. I’ll be reading some really great books and then I’ll get something new or someone will mention how much they loved a book and I will want to read that right then and there. It is a struggle…always…and I know there is nothing I can do about it. Well, minus tell you all about my struggle.

Welcome to my random feature Reading and Wishing. I’ll share with you what I’m currently reading and a few books I have in the back of my mind that I want to be reading. Does this mean I will read my ‘wishing’ books next? Probably not. But right now I wish I was.

Currently, I am reading 2 really great books that I am really excited about and loving:

No joke, it is a joy to pick these both up and get lost in the two very different worlds and stories. Love from A to Z is a book that I didn’t expect to love as much as I am right now, and Finale is everything I hope for and more. I’m pretty sure I will be sad when I finish them both but that doesn’t stop me from…

Every time I see The Friend Zone, Red, White and Royal Blue, Serious Moonlight and The Boy Next Story in my Twitter, Goodreads or Instagram feed I start wishing I was reading one of them too.

I own copies of all 4 of these books in either physical or digital versions and they toy with my emotions daily. I know I will get the read them eventually but it isn’t going to stop me from wishing.

So tell me, what are you reading and wishing on right now?

*Click on the covers to learn more about each book.

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