Cards by Andrea S. – New Stock

Last week I posted about a sale I’m having in my card shop, Cards by Andrea S., where you can save 15% off your purchase. (You can find details HERE.) With the code winding down I thought I should add some new stock.

What did I add you ask (okay, maybe you didn’t, but I’m showing you anyway)? Well I added these new gems:

The fruit cards  there is an option to buy 2 for a discounted price and that is before the 15% off. And the Boston and NYC skylines there is a custom option to change the color if you would like. Slowly but surely more and more will be added.

I’m not gonna lie, starting an Etsy store is a slow process. It is hard to get word out and to get people to buy and set reasonable prices for what you do. But I love it so I keep doing it. If there is anything you would love to see in the shop that you would want to buy, just tell me and I can work on it.

So what do you think of the new addition?

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Cards by Andrea S. – Etsy Sale (ends 8/13/17)

As you may have heard, especially if you follow me on Twitter, I have an Etsy shop, Cards by Andrea S., where I sell some of my handmade cards. It isn’t something I set out to do when I started to make cards but I decided to take a chance and try it out. It’s been a fun learning experience and everyday I’m think of ways to make the shop grow.

Since August is my birthday month I am doing a sale for 15% off your order with the code birthday15. The code will end 8/13/17, my birthday, so make sure you shop soon!

What kind of cards will you see at Cards by Andrea S.? Here is a sample:

If there is a specific card you need you can always message me and we can work it out. 🙂

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Cards by Andrea S. Page

The day has come and I now have some of my cards live and up for sale.

I know, it’s crazy it has taken me this long but I wanted to have some kind of stock to sell. I don’t have a ton (the people at work bought 19 cards the other day) but I have some. The page will come down when I have nothing left to sell and will be updated with anything new I add. It has been a lot of fun making a bunch of random cards and I hope you love them all.

Here are a few you will find for sale:


Make sure you check out my new page HERE.

See anything you like?

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Cards by Andrea S.-The Sale

Welcome to my first holiday card sale where you can buy handmade sets of holiday cards. Since I am just starting out selling cards I won’t be able to take any orders and will just be selling what I have made. When the cards are gone, they are gone. If you need a set and they are sold out contact me and I’ll see what I can do, but no promises.

Now the fun part. Please read all the information before buying. Returns are not accepted.


Each set includes 8 cards and 8 coordinating envelopes. The cards are top folding, A2 Cards. (5.5″ x 4.25″). Each card has been stamped, colored, and/or embossed by hand so some results may vary. All sets are blank inside unless you request a sentiment (of my choosing) to be stamped inside before shipping. The back of each card is stamped with my personal stamp stating I made the card. All the cards are packaged in a clear box with a clear sticker closure at the top and the bottom.

How to Claim

You can claim a set of cards but emailing me at cardsbyandreas [at] gmail [dot] com with the number for the set you would like to purchase and your full name, mailing address and if you would like a sentiment stamped inside the card. Cards are on a first come first serve basis. If you try to claim a set that has already been claimed you will be next in line should their be a payment problem.


Each set of handmade cards will cost $12 + $5 flat rate shipping for a total of $17. I will take PayPal ONLY as payment and cards must be paid for within 48 hours after you receive a receipt of claim from me telling you the card set has been claimed by you. Cards will be mailed to the US ONLY as shipping is just too expensive to do internationally.

NOTE: If payment is made today (11/17/16) cards will ship tomorrow. If after 11/17/16, cards will ship starting 11/28/16 as I am on vacation next week.


Three random orders (preselected by my mom) will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card as a thank you. Basically a coffee on me for buying my cards.

The Cards


Some Details For Set 1~Each card is individually colored so shading does vary. Rudolph has a raised shiny nose.


Some Details for Set 2~Gold embossed star and sentiment. Some trees have small amounts of gold embossing as well.


Some Details For Set 3~4 of the embossed middle trees are platinum and 4 are silver


Some Details For Set 4~Gold embossing on cups and for the steam


Some Details For Set 5~Silver embossed snow flakes. Some snowflake embossing images vary as not all snowflakes are the same.


Some Details For Set 6~Silver embossing on the trees and for the sentiment


Some Details For Set 7~Time will tell

If you have any questions feel free to reach out. After the holidays I will most likely do a custom order form where people can buy sets or individual cards. Stay tuned!


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Champagne Wishes and Crafty Dreams 11: Note Card Sets

By now (unless you are new to my blog) you have seen or heard about my love of card making and all things crafty. After all, this is my 11th post about it and I tweet about it a lot #sorrynotsorry. Well my card making has taken on a new direction…note card sets.

I was watching YouTube videos, as I often do, and I came across a video that had these clear plastic card boxes in it. Being the crazy shopper I am, I immediately bought two packs to try them out and the ideas started flowing. And since I had two friends having/had birthdays the crafting of note card sets began.

Mary’s Set
The measuring of the cards and making of the envelopes was the hardest part really. I had a rough idea of the cards I wanted to make (a turtle one was a given since she has loved turtles for as long as I can remember). After that they all sort of took shape. Truth, the ‘You’re the Best’ card is my favorite and I woudl love to make a set of just those.



Megan’s Set
For this set I knew I wanted to make a library themed card since Megan is a librarian. I have some library pockets already stashed away so I was very happy when this print fit in with all the others. It actually is my favorite in the set, along with the coffee cup one (can you tell I love simple ones the best??).



After they were all finished I just packed them up and they were ready to go.


Since I had so much fun making Megan and Mary’s gifts I was inspired to make some more. Since I had already been playing with stamping and coloring (see the cupcake above) and I made one card that someone mentioned they would love a set of, I decided to try out a small set of cards for sale that was inspired by the stamp set below and the coloring I did.


I had 4 sets (I have 3 left for purchase). Each set has 4 cards with 4 envelopes in it. I stamped the inside of each with “Eat Sleep Read” and the back of the card with “The End”. If you are interested they are $8 a set and that includes shipping. First come, first serve kind of thing and US ONLY.




So, what do you think of my card making skills? Are you interested in maybe buying these?

*I plan to do full size (A2) cards for the holidays that will be available for purchase. I’m waiting for my supplies to come in. If you are interested you can hit me up on Twitter or over email.


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