The ABCs with Ginger at GReads!


Welcome to the revamped ABCs.  In the past I have used this weekly Wednesday post as a link up but times are a changing. I’m switching things up as you have learned HERE.

Today we have Ginger from GReads! sharing with us the accessories, books and clothes she is lusting after.

Now let’s give a warm ABCers welcome to the fabulous Ginger!


Not only do Andi and I share a love for books, but we both adore fashion too!  We’re always sending each other links to cute outfits we find on sale, and there may be a few dressing room snapshots sent via text when we’re indecisive about buying something.  I was pumped when Andi asked me to guest post for her ABCs feature.

Check out the items I picked for this week…


I love all things Kate Spade, especially the bows! (Andi knows my obsession with bow jewelry).  So of course I had to choose this darling skinni mini necklace from Kate Spade for my accessory choice.  One day I hope to be the owner of this beautiful necklace.

I chose Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas for my book because it’s my current read (will probably already be done by the time this posts).  It’s one of those books that’s been on my radar for quite some time, with many solid recommendations from my bookish friends.  So I figured it was time I jumped right in, and WOW, what a page-turner this one is.

For clothing, I chose this adorable dress from Mod Cloth because right now I am obsessed with all things tribal print.  It’s a fun summery print to begin with, but I love how it can be softened with light colors, or bold with bright colors like this dress.  If I see something in a tribal print, my eyes instantly zero in on it.

This was so much fun!  Thanks again Andi for asking me to be apart of this feature.  Who wants to go shopping now?!


Thanks Ginger for playing!

If you would like to play like Ginger did, sign-ups are open.



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The ABCs with Estelle from Rather Be Reading


Welcome to The ABCs.  In the past I have used this weekly Wednesday post as a link up but times are a changing. I’m switching things up here and Estelle at Rather Be Reading is the first to come to bat! From now on I am throwing the ABCs out to you, if you are interested that is. After seeing what accessory, book and clothing item Estelle is lusting after this week you’ll see just how times are a changing.

Now let’s give a warm ABCers welcome to the fabulous Estelle!


Big thanks to Andi for having me for this week’s The ABCs. I‘ve always loved this feature because it includes two of my favorites: pretty things and books. And there is no one who understands both these obsessions like Andi. (I’ll ignore the fact that she is a Red Sox fan and I’m a Yankees fan but hey, it’s proof we can get along and still support our teams!)

Let’s jump right in, shall we?


Sorrelli Bold Bauble Ring
Coincidentally, I first stumbled on Sorrelli’s gorgeous website because of a cross promotion they did with The Ring and the Crown by Melissa de la Cruz. I love costume jewelry and while the prices brand these as more of a “special occasion” splurge, I have stars in my eyes staring at everything. The plus side of their rings is that all of them are adjustable. How convenient is that?

 Friendship by Emily Gould
The cover of this book caught my eye a few weeks ago at B&N and I haven’t been able to put it out of my mind. It’s a “big kid book” but it’s about two girls who have a very lengthy friendship and all I want to read lately are books about female friendships. I think I might have to treat myself to this one. (As if I don’t have enough books already.)

 Saturday Safari Dress
I know, I know … not exactly a work day dress but I love the plunging neckline and the giraffe print! In fact, I am thinking I need this for a fall trip to Walt Disney World, right? I’m just not sure how it would survive the rickety ride in a safari jeep and the unpredictable November weather but it’s worth a try, don’t you think?

 Yay! That was so much fun! Hope you enjoyed my picks for The ABCs!


Thanks Estelle! That was awesome and a perfect way to start off me offering of guest posting at The ABCs. That’s right, now you can sign-up and do a guest ABCs post! If you are interested please fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch with details. You don’t have to have a blog to participant as long as you have a Twitter handle. You can sign-up more than once, really whenever you want, I just ask that you be serious about it. If you sign-up I will email you with details a couple of weeks before your schedule date is. Simple as that. Now get thee to signing-up!


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Guest Post: Angie – Met Gala

Hey ABCers, My new event report Angie is back. Give her a warm welcome and tell her what you think!

Andi was nice to ask me to comment on the annual Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 6, 2013. This years theme was “Punk: Chaos to Couture.”

I will rank dresses with two grades. The first will be my overall like or dislike and the second will be how it ranked representing the theme.

I will use the A to F scale we remember from high school.


A for amazing balls. I love the matching boots.  It looks like fire is running down her leg.
B for theme – the belt helps with the punk part



I had to do a double take I thought Madonna was Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction.
I give her a B- because I like the jacket
Theme A

Flower girl AKA Kim K. Do I really needs words……
But A for representing my grandmas couch

Ann Hathaway – First impression she looks like Cruella de Vil so I guess she gets a B- for theme
Overall the hair just takes away from the dress so I am going with an overall look of a C+


Miley Cyrus – I actually like her hair. It is fun and fits her age and personality. Perfect A- for the theme.
Over all a solid B.
I wanted to post a close up to show her hair and how well her make is done.


SJP – Stunning as usual. Classy for the dress and punk for the accessories.
A for both overall and theme.


Blake Lively – Love the dress so overall it’s an A but don’t see the theme unfortunately it breaks my heart but it’s a D


As much as some will hate it I love Nicole Richie’s look. It’s so different and only she can pull it off. The hair actually draws you into the dress. The beading is amazing. B for both theme and overall.


Jennifer Lopez – Not a huge fan of the dress and don’t really see a huge punk representation.
I give her a C for overall and D for theme.


Love this color on Kristen and the design is unique. I give her an A- for overall and B- for theme.


Jennifer looks pretty in this simple black dress so overall it’s a winner with an A but plain black simple doesn’t cut it for The Met so for theme D.


Kate Beckinsale has always been one of my favorites. I just wish this dress had been a different color.
Her hair hit a home run though. The ring and earrings pushed her from a B- to a A- in my book.


The fit on Brooklyn Decker gave her a solid A for both overall and theme. I would buy this dress just to put it on a mannequin in my room for decoration.


The last overall favorite is Carey Mulligan. I know it’s plain black but the added detail at the top makes it pop for me. Her hair is perfection too.  

Can Jessica Alba do any wrong in this dress? A+


Finally I asked Andi to give me anyone else she wanted me to comment on that I missed and she suggested Katie Holmes. I am so glad she did because I missed her picture. First off this black and white photo is just exquisite.

Okay on to my rating. Hair a solid A… love the height. I want the hairstylist name NOW.
Side boob – oh who cares. HELLO she is wearing a white dress with no bra. LOL
Well done Katie! Don’t see Punk so it breaks my heart to give you a F for theme but who cares. The black and white photo shows you are an A+ in my book.
What are your thoughts on the Met? Was the theme too literal or a bad idea? Who was your Best Dressed? Worst Dressed?
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Guest Post – White House Correspondents Dinner by Angie

Hey ABCers, Let’s give a warm welcome to Angie, my very first guest poster on ABCs. You may remember Angie from the series on NOOKs/Kindle Hoarding. Well she is back and she is sharing her thoughts on the White House Correspondents Dinner. Let me know what you think!

I am always fascinated by who goes to this “party” called the White House Correspondents Dinner. I have always thought it was for stuffy reporters but as the years have evolved it’s amazing who gets cleared for the list. From A list stars to Reality show participants it seems everyone and anyone can attend.  I was looking at the pictures from Saturday night and emailed Andi to do a piece for her blog about the attire. She was gracious in letting me have a guest spot. I have no concept of fashion, I just know what I like and don’t like so here it goes.

Patricia Arquette:
The Girls came out to show some “support” or lack there of.

Korie Robertson and Willie Robertson (Duck Dynasty – Reality Show)
Love her hair! I like the style of her dress but just wish it was a bolder color. I think it washes her out a little.

His suit looks like it’s an awkward fit but it maybe the pose.  I do love that he kept it a little county with the boots.

Katy Perry – The second picture really shows the amazing color of the dress with her hair and eyes.

Sofia Vergara – Let’s face it, the woman looks good in anything. I really like the purpleishpink accessories. And the color of the dress is one my favorite this season. Just bought a purse in this color.

Claire Danes – Favorite dress by far for the detailing on the sides.

Kate Walsh – Would love to know what everyone thinks of this one? I think it is one that looks great in person but does not photograph well. I would love to see the background solid color be a navy.

Hayden Panettiere – Like the style – not a fan of the color – too light and I wish it didn’t have the shear color mesh on top.

Connie Britton  – Love the color – I am a sucker for blue. Like the fitting just wish it didn’t have so much lace.

Gail King – Least Favorite. Don’t like the color, shape, fitting, style, or accessories. I will hold out hope with the shoes.



On a side not: The best picture of the night I saw on TV this morning. When they showed Obama poking fun at himself he took his wife’s great idea and ran with it – Bangs.

I will never get that image out of my mind. SO BAD! LOL

What was your favorite look, least favorite look from the Correspondents Dinner?

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