My Favorite Things (1) – 2017 Edition

Over the winter I saw Jamie, from The Perpetual Page Turner, release a post that was very similar to a favorite things post. I really liked the idea behind it and decided it was time for me to post some of my favorite things. This will be a monthly feature on my blog where I will post some of the things I loved in the month/month before.It will be anything from an item of clothing that I wore the bejeezus out of, a book I was obsessed with, a TV show I got hooked on, or even a gif I found and loved. Basically anything can pop up so be ready.

Since this is the beginning of January and my first Favorite Things post, I will be posting some of my favorite things from 2017:


1) I got to meet both Stephanie Perkins and Sarah Ockler (on the same day) over the summer. It was one of my favorite days of the year!

2) I binged watched Prison Break in February of 2017. I’m not even kidding you I couldn’t stop watching it and I finished it well before it came back for a fantastic 5th season. Such an amazing show!

3) I opened my first Etsy shop: Cards by Andrea S.

4) The Patriots won another Super Bowl and I got to finally see all 5 banners together on New Years Eve when I went to the final game of the regular season (In sub zero temps…WORTH IT!).

5) I fell in love with my new fur vest and winter coat, both from J Crew.

6) I met my reading challenge for 2017. It took me reading 18 books in December but I did it!

7) I read a lot of great books (not counting rereads) in 2017. A few of them are: Furyborn, Letters to the Lost, More Than We Can Tell, All Things New, and Tower of Dawn.

So there you have it, some of my favorite things from 2017.

What were your favorites?

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My Favorite Things Week – Authors Favorite Things


Following in the footsteps of yesterday I asked some of my favorite authors to join in on My Favorite Things week. Kindly taking time out of their busy schedules They came through for me and shared some of their favorite things right now. Basically I know want an Erin Condren Life Planner, a kitten, some french fries and tea, and to go shopping. 😉

Click on the pictures to make bigger.

karen1 karen ka5Karen Akins

jodi1 jodiJodi Meadows

tiffany1 tiffanyTiffany Schmidt

miranda1 mirandaMiranda Kenneally

sarah1 sarahSarah Ockler

Thank you all for helping me out and taking the time to write up and send me some things. Much appreciated.

And there you have it, My Favorite Things Week is in the bag. Hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to share your favorite things in the comments of any of this weeks posts.

*photos all sent by the authors.

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My Favorite Things Week – Bloggers Favorite Things


Instead of boring you with only my favorite things I decided to ask some bloggers and authors (come back tomorrow!) for some of their favorite things. I got a variety of answers and even some duplicates (sort off) and they all made me smile. Thanks guys for playing along with me! You can click on the individual picture to make larger.



alexalovesAlexa Love Books

mostlyyalitMostly YA Lit



hellochellyHello, Chelly


PinkPolkaPink Polka Dot Blog (Potter pillows: ordered from an Etsy shop- BrassingtonHollow ) 

tickettogail Ticket to Anywhere

bookaddictsguide1The Book Addict’s Guide (Link to Facebook photo album for pictures with authors at Anderson’s:

What are some of your favorite things?

Come back tomorrow to see what some authors picked for theirs!

*pictures were provided by the bloggers or by using Google images.


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My Favorite Things Week – The ABCs with Me and my Favorite Things

Welcome to The  ABCs. Typically you would see a guest post here. The poster would be showing you which accessory, book and clothing item they are lusting after!This week is a little different since I am doing My Favorite Things week. Instead of seeing what someone is lusting after I am going to show you my ABCs but for things I own that are my favorites.

If you would like more information or would like to sign-up for a typical ABCs post you can click HERE. I’ve also created a place for authors to sign-up and do the ABCs for one of their main characters. Check that out HERE.



Accessories: Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 in Damier Ebene
I had wanted an LV bag, a speedy to be more specific, for a really long time. It was something I always had my eye on but also something I never thought I would own. After a lot of thought I realized I was spending a lot of money on bags and if I had one classic bag in my closet I would end up saving a lot more in the long run. One Christmas, thanks to gifts from many people, I splurged on my baby and I have been in love since. It will be 2 years coming up and I have not bought anything bigger than a clutch since. Next on my list, the Neverfull MM in Monogram.

Books: Anna and the French Kiss
You all know Anna and the French Kiss is my favorite book. That is no shock. Actually I’m sure this isn’t either, but my collection of books from friends, my own purchases, and Stephanie Perkins herself is probably the most important bookish thing that I own. All 23 copies of Anna, Lola and Isla are special too me and I hope to one say see this collection grow even bigger.

Clothes: Maison Jules Flutter-Sleeve Dress (Macy’s)
Back in June I had to go to a wedding. I decided to pop into Macy’s to see if I could find a dress for it. Sadly that was a bust but I came across a little off white number that I decided to try on. As soon as I put this dress on I was in love! It is so classic and simple but has a great sophistication to it. The length was perfect and I knew it had to come home with me. Since getting the off white one I have added the black to my closet. Sadly you can’t buy this online anymore, but it was probably the best addition to my closet in a long long time. Bonus: It was under $50.00!


And there you have it, the 3 favorite things that I own. What do you own that is your favorite ABCs?

If you would like to play, sign-ups are open HERE.


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My Favorite Things Week – Top Ten Tuesday

As I mentioned HERE this week I am doing My Favorite Things week on the blog. It actually worked out pretty well since this week’s Top Ten Tuesday was actually a Freebie. So for this week you are getting a treat. You are getting my top ten favorite books, movies, television shows and stores (on line and physical). I know it is a lot to take in, but it is my week so my rules. 😉



200_s tumblr_inline_mpkkp6fhGw1qz4rgpapollo13 Clue-gif-clue-the-movie-21765985-500-281 four MTMxNTk1NjA5Mzk1MjA2NjIytumblr_mj29gmJBXF1qf7m6no2_r1_500 titanic  tumblr_mad0v9IBYZ1qcuhr9o1_500  veronica-mars-movie-logan-veronica

Before Sunset || Miracle || Apollo 13 || Clue || Divergent || Clueless || Good Will Hunting || Titanic || Dream a Little Dream || Veronica Mars


Chicago Fire
The O.C.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Dawson’s Creek
Top Chef
Veronica Mars
The Walking Dead
Beverly Hills, 90210

anna1 divergent parallel loop court1 froi delirium twenty what illmeetyou

*Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
**Banners made by me using Canva
***gifs and pictures found on Google and Goodreads (click on the books for my reviews)


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