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On My Radar – The Program Series (7)

On My Radar – The Progra..

If there is one series I think everyone needs to read/have on their radar it is The Program series by Suzanne Young. My love for this series, and Suzanne Young, started back in 2013 only a month after The Program was released. I was completely blown away by the story and the care that Suzanne took with telling it.  It was a story that made me think and made me fall in love with a group of characters that I never expected to be so dear to me. The series isn’t written as your typical series. Each story is a […]

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On My Radar – Recently Downloaded (6)

On My Radar – Recently D..

I have been trying to be so good when it comes to requesting ARCs or downloading eGalleys. I have stuck to my “only buying Kindle books” ban since last fall which has been nice (not that I haven’t added any physical books to my collection, but I haven’t bought any). But then there was a recent drop of available books on Edelweiss and I saw all the new shiny and I just couldn’t help myself. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What books have you recently added to your collection? Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save […]

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Staycation Reading Report

Staycation Reading Report

Last Monday I posted about my book reading plan while I was on staycation. I knew the chances of reading all this books was slim, but I liked that I had options. As we all know though, reading plans never end up as we thought. So how did I do with my reading? Well, I think I did pretty okay…all things considered. Title: When Dimple Met Rishi Author: Sandhya Menon Thoughts: I was told this book was a me book and they were right. It really was such a great book. There were a couple of side stories that I […]

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On My Radar: Staycation Reads (5)

On My Radar: Staycation Reads ..

I am on a staycation this week so I hope to get a lot of reading done. Will that be the case? Time will tell since I have some cards to make (thanks for the order Kelsey!) and a hockey game to attend (I’m going today) and some other things to do. But I do like to get some morning reading in and with some caffeine some late night reading too. When I plan to spend some time reading I like to have some idea as to what I want to spend time on. Here are about 4 books that […]

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On My Radar: 2017 Wish List (4)

On My Radar: 2017 Wish List (4..

There are a lot of really fantastic books coming out in 2017 that I am so excited to read. Some of my favorite authors have new books that I just need to gets my hands on desperately. With that said there are some I just really want more than others, so much in fact I stalk Netgalley and Edelweiss for them and I’m not ashamed of this at all. What are those books? Funny you should ask. I have a handy list right here: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What are the 2017 books on your radar?

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