Cruise Style – Outfits 1 to 3

And now we get to the fun part of the Cruise Style series, the outfits. Oh man you know how much I love putting a good outfit together. Now I will warn you a head of time. Like I said I’m a notorious over packer and this series is no different. I “over packed” yet again, but I’m a girl that likes options, so deal with it. Just think if you stain something you can change or if your bathing suit isn’t dry you have one of stand by. Works right?! HA. So anyway, you saw what I was pack in terms of clothes and extras. Now lets see how I would put it all together.

Outfits 1-3

Stay tuned next week for outfits 4-6.

What do you think of these? Good, bad, ugly? What say you ABCers?

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Cruise Style – The Extras

So last week I told you about my cruise and my new Cruise Style Series that will be running here for the next few weeks. In that post I showed you the clothes I “would take”. Well today it is time for the extras. What are extras you ask? I like to call them the fun stuff. They are the things that can make your outfit special, things that make it you. They are the shoes, the bags, the jewelry, the sunglasses. The Accessories:

Cruise Style Extras

Perfect right? I know! HA. Just Kidding…mostly.

Come back next week to see outfits 1-3.

What do you think of the Extras?

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Cruise Style

So if you follow me on Twitter you know I am taking my very first cruise this summer which I have just paid off. So in honor of that I have decided to do a cruise style series on the blog for the next 6 weeks.

Today I start with the clothes to pack. Now I’m not going to lie I’m a notorious over packer so I can about guarantee that I would have way more than just this in my suit case, but I for the purpose of this series I pulled back…some. 🙂

What I plan to do it post the clothing options today, next week you will see the shoes and other extras like accessories, books, bags and jewelry. Once all the items are in place I will post 9 outfits created with the clothes and extras in the “suit case” with a recap of everything on the last day. I saw this idea on Oufit Posts and have tweaked it a little and made it my own. Please comment and let me know what you think, ideas you have, things you may want to see used. After all this isn’t just for me.

And so we begin with the clothes…

Cruise Style

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