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Week of Outfits

Week of Outfits

So this week I decided to document the outfits I wore. Now not all of them are exact, but I used the products close enough, in some cases the exact ones, to recreate the look. All the color schemes are the same as are the pieces. The styles are what vary.  Looks like I wore a lot of black, gray, white and pink this week which makes sense since that is one of my FAVORITE color combinations. Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: What did you wear this week? Do you ever find yourself wearing the same color scheme all week?

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Paper Dolls

As you may have noticed I have become obsessed with Polyvore and as I call them, my ‘adult paper dolls’. You’ve seen a couple of the ideas I have had and now it is your chance to tell me what you would like to see in one of my Paper Doll posts. Fill out the survey below and I will create a post of outfit ideas. If you want to see something not listed feel free to comment and tell me what you want.

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The Colors of Love, er um, Pink and Red

The Colors of Love, er um, Pin..

Well if you are anything like me, you loathe Valentine’s Day. Well not loathe, that is too strong a word, maybe mildly dislike. All the over priced flowers and candy and dinners. The little chubby cupid decorations all over the place and an abundance of hearts. To me it used to be a day I would wear black in protest. Bust as time has passed and I have evolved so has my Valentine’s Day style. Now instead of following a lot of the world’s population, I use the colors of love, pink and red in my own way. Stripes, riding […]

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A February Summer

A February Summer

There is nothing I love more then a fun pair of shorts or a nice pair of jeans in the summer. Whether the shorts be a bright solid or a print of the jeans be an ankle pant of a boyfriend cut. Summer is the time to get out there and how off those legs. Below I have made a collage of summer bottoms that I love and chose three to style into complete looks. Some of the stuff is pricey and I got ever afford it, but this is my version of paper dolls so anything goes. What do […]

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